Monday, January 15, 2007

dear leewee...

I sense God wants to do a new work in me and my life this year and I would love to start 2007 off with a divine breakthrough. I am also recently being challenged in the area of submitting to spiritual authority (not our own church; something else.) So this has been a really good opportunity for me to walk in obedience to my covering, trusting God to bless my desire to walk with a yielded heart.

dear leewee:

grrrlfriend, how are you? lord up. devil down! get it?! (wee, you never saw, pimp's up. ho's down on hbo? you HAVE GOT to see it. you'll love it. lot's of souls to save and prayer ops)

it's so funny you say that you feel god wants to do a new work in you because I feel like (s)he wants to do a new work in me, too! we are so in sync -- omg.

what were your symptoms? mine was really bad gas. I could not stop farting. it was crazy, gf. loud, long farts. once I got past how satisfying it was to just let er' rip, I quickly realized that each fart was actually a message from (s)him, urging me to be more submissive to (s)him's will. (s)he even encouraged me to buy a switch if I was being disobedient. you might want to consider it too, lee. it's the only way to fully surrender to spiritual authority. the bruises hurt like h-e-double hockey sticks, but look at me, I survived and so will you!

you must email me back. I'm dying to know what your symptoms were.

here's to obedience 07'!



Writeprocrastinator said...

"I sense God wants to do a new work in me and my life this year"

Mira, that's not Jesus that's throwing out that vibe, but Hey-seuss, the CPA from three doors down, that wants to work it over.

Evil Spock said...

mmm, self-flagellation . . . .

Coaster Punchman said...

She did NOT really write that. OMG! Please say yes!

We SO have to get working on our joint letter to Lee Wee. As soon as work dies down I will send you my first draft.

Your new BFF,

Writeprocrastinator said...

Shit, I ran that joke before and...

"Your new BFF"

...Coaster? Get to the back of the line, behind Nicole and me. Honestly, stay off the web for a few days and people swipe your friends.

katie schwartz said...

do you think she'll let him bend her, wp? I think if he shows up in a loin cloth and a thorn hat, he just might have a shot. thoughts?

katie schwartz said...

fabulous, cp! fab-o-dreams.

you have to read her sunday journal entries, sweetie. so inspiring.


katie schwartz said...

wp, you are irreplaceable. one in a million. "in addition to" is a beauuutiful thing.


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