Tuesday, January 02, 2007

are jewish girls raunchy?

I submitted my blog to a jewish blog directory inquiring about a link exchange. there are all types of jewblogs listed, including humor blogs.

the site owner emailed me back and said, a bit too raunchy for our audience. I emailed him back and asked, are jewish girls raunchy?

I don't know why that seemed a valid and fair question, but it did, and it still does.

it bothers me that he won't list my blog. but, he has the right to do that because it's his website. why shouldn't he be able to decide what's appropriate for his readership and what's not? it's his choice. sure, I could jump on my censorship horse and ride right into the, nobody chops this jew broad's freedom of speech, sunset. but, I won't do that.

it also bothers me that he considers my blog raunchy, even dressed up and couched in, a bit. at the end of the day, he's still slingin' raunch.

I looked up raunchy. not because I didn't know the meaning, but I was curious as to what the complete definition according to websters dictionary was. here it is:

1. vulgar or smutty; crude; earthy; obscene: a raunchy joke.
2. dirty; slovenly; grubby.
3. lecherous

the idea of being called, dirty, slovenly and grubby was a real blow to what little mockesteem I have. why didn't he just say, hey, you fat dirty fuck baby who probably poaches money clips from the geriatric set during twilight bingo games, we don't want your kind here.


listen, you over ripened pussy lipped letch, sing that song and dance somewhere else. you're not wanted.

so, he thinks I'm raunchy. why does it bother me? because he's sitting in judgment? because it's true, I am raunchy? or because he's banishing me? or could it be that not allowing his readers to make the decision for themselves is what's got my panties in a twist?

WHAT is it about this schmuck that's got a bug so far up my ass, the bug's colonizing and building a shrine with the few undigested crumbs he could score and shlep through the wasteland that is my colon?!

who knows. maybe if the past two days didn't suck the ass of a swine, it might not bother me. but, they did, and I do. so, until I don't...


Al Sensu said...

My little honeydew, you often ARE earthy, vulgar, and/or crude. And I wouldn't say raunchy is off-base. And I don't consider any of those things bad. My #1 girl is all of those as well as sweet, girly and beautiful. Great women have many sides to them. That's what's so intriguing about you and part of why we love you so.

katie schwartz said...

you're all about perspective, ainchya, sensu?!

thanks, muffin top, you're a honey.

Anonymous said...

um, ok, i didnt read all of that. I need information, sharp, short and clear.

I wonder Katie if you should comment on his readers blogs' telling them they're victims of a censor as grown adults?

I would think, any ethnic group, religeon or whatnot has the right to choose what they read, or dont read.

He behaves like a cult leader by not allowing freedom of expression to his readers.

I may or may not read bits of that above comment another time.

Anonymous said...

The point is, Katie, that raunch, for lack of a better word, is good. Raunch is right. Raunch works. Raunch entertains, cuts through and captures the essence of human sexual spirit. Raunch, in all of it’s forms - smut, nudity, profanity, fetish, innuendo, porn, suggestiveness, even Paris Hilton's DVD - has marked the upward surge of mankind and raunch - you mark my words - will not only save Blogger but that other malfunctioning corporation called the USA. Thank you.

katie schwartz said...

hey, does anyone know how we can delete the creepy spam comment?

katie schwartz said...

honey smack... the girl makes a good point as always :)

katie schwartz said...

mount joy. I've missed you, bubbie. how's the new fruit of your loins? happy new year.

diane said...

Whoa, and I thought I was the only one getting their first crazy anonymous comment this week!
Sweet Katie, sadly, I very rarely link you and have not put you in my blogroll because...well...my MOM reads my blog!! She would accidentally click over to your site and I think her retinas would burn and I would feel terribly guilty.
So, it's not that I want to censor your site, I just don't want to deal with what would happen if I linked away. ;)

katie schwartz said...

diane, dahling, please do not give it a first, second or third thought. really.

I would hate for you to think that I expected you to link to me. I do not. the reason I was ranting to high hell about that shmegeggie was because I requested the link. he passed, and for some reason it bothered me.

I completely understand. we've always been good and we're still good, sparks:)

you're aces in my book, kid.

vintage enough?!

Anonymous said...

Hi babe. Happy Jew-year to you!

The Princess is doing fine (when does she officially become a WASP?
Is there a ceremony? Do I have to take her to Bloomingdales and buy her her first eqyptian cotton sheet set or something?)

Mountjoy has been up to his ears in work and family - too much in fact - hence my lack of participation. I'm still around to haunt you, dont worry.

Anonymous said...

I'm not sure I agree with anonymous. I'll have to reread it. Fuck!

Writeprocrastinator said...

Like the great Todd said (a.k.a. Vivalasvegas), "offended by the word 'cunt?' then don't read on."

If he finds you raunchy, so be it. Obviously this blog isn't for everybody, especially those people get twisted when they see four letter words all by themselves, much less in combination.

You, my dear Katie, are the Rolling Stones. Raw, raunchy, no excuses, and let them go listen to Up With People if they can't take it. Their loss, not ours.


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