Thursday, December 21, 2006

where the hell has jewgirl been?

I never get sick. seriously. never. ok. maybe once a year. maybe. but that's it. what I just had. holy shit. I have hit my lifetime sick quota.

two weeks ago I got a head cold. fever. took a z-pack and rested. I was feeling much better until tuesday, a day after menses began. welllll... I just got my ass and stomach kicked by a flu that bent me over and left me for dead until today. I have never felt so sick in my life. I have never begged to be removed from my body until I got this flu. I never EVER want to go through this again. it was life changing. how strange is that? who knew a flu had such power. maybe it's just post flu blues. who knows.

I had a fever of 102-103. every orifice felt gang banged by 10 gnomes, 12 elves, 3 sleighs and 50 trolls.

after 4 failed soposotires, I called my doctor on wednesday night BEGGING HER for an anti-nausea drug. with insurance 175 = 9 pills. thank god for insurance because without it, it would've cost 700 for 9 pills.


scary, isn't it.

all I know is that this afternoon I finally started feeling better again. like me.

who knew a flu could catapult a girl into, what? creepy.


yournamehere said...

Crap, did you have the Asian Bird Sars? Or did you have the green onion gordita at Taco Bell?

Either way, I'm glad you're feeling better.

Anonymous said...

Oh, poor Katie!
You're the second blogger this week I've read that had the crazy stomach bug from hell. Poor girl. Feel all better soon!!

Katie Schwartz said...

me too, mullet boy!


Katie Schwartz said...

diane, who was the other blogger? love a symptom-dish. you must spill. I hope he/she is doing much better, too.

Anonymous said...

Check out Dave at He even has a lovely animated cartoon version of his barfing self!


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