Monday, December 25, 2006

super jewey christmas to ya

this is like the season finale for your people. the season finale for my people is october, yom kippur. so, have yourselves a super beautiful christmas.

here's something highly entertaining I found over at a favorite blog read of mine, into the sunrise, soy makes you gay!


Bubs said...

"this is like the season finale for your people"

I LOVE that! I'll remember that next year.

Thanks for the good reading, and happy New Year.

Amy Guth said...

Oy gevalt, I read that nonsense about soy the other day. I think it's only when a guy fucks the tofu while making out with a guy that the gayness starts to leak into the picture. But, maybe I have that totally wrong.

Happy Movie and Lo Mein day, your fabulousness!

Al Sensu said...

OK, that north Pole Dance was disturbing.

We're off for dim sum.

yournamehere said...

Thanks for the Christmas wishes.

Writeprocrastinator said...

"Happy Movie and Lo Mein day, your fabulousness!"

As we walked off Christmas dinner last night through our neighborhood, I was explaining to Procrastinator Jr. just why do Chinese Restaurants stay open for Christmas. Needless to say, for us living near a hospital, we only had three of five Chinese restaurants (idiots!) open, one Indian restaurant and one Thai.

I also explained to him the movie concept and he asked me if gentiles went to, I said, "yes, of course." Then he asked about gentiles that have to work on Christmas and I said, "yes, if they have enough time."

katie schwartz said...

happy new year to you too, bubs!!!

katie schwartz said...

amers, you are SO FUNNY!!! isn't that article just the most--oy.

katie schwartz said...

hope your nosh was grand, sensu. and, what movie did you watch?

katie schwartz said...

wp, that is so funny!!! wp'jr. is gittin' some gud learnin'.


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