Sunday, December 24, 2006

fallen queens

one drunken evening, miss nevada exposed her boobies and her high tight (bitch) ass. gave a lil head. noshed on some mock pussy. sucked a lil' tittie, and she's lost her miss nevada title because of it?! hmm. the ambiance and the lighting might be different, but it's still the miss usa pageant. so, what the fuck?

even more disturbing, miss nevada is apologizing for her behavior. she has no business apologizing. she's done nothing wrong. we live and we learn.

she's positioning herself as a cautionary tale for your young girls. and, do you know what her messages are, be careful because you never know who might take your picture. honey, please! she was so far up that camera's ass, she was belching film. missy nevada is also apologizing for her behavior, saying it was reckless. question, the drinking or not videotaping the millionth installation of tales of sapphic sororities?

here's what really offends me, the drug lord that is miss usa is deserving of a second chance but ol' sapphic isn't?! how is that right? what makes DL more of a role model?


Al Sensu said...

And who awarded her that second chance? Why that paragon of virtue, Donald Shtump.

Writeprocrastinator said...

She doesn't get a second chance because she wouldn't succumb to The Donald's whims and if you don't believe me, look how Miss Usa recoils in the photos at the press conference with Trump Duck.

Not to mention, we're talking about Miss Nevada here. We're talking about a state that openly pushes debauchery for their #1 tourist attraction and you know we're not talking about the Hoover Dam.

John Donald Carlucci said...

What happens at the Hoover Dam stays at the Hoover Dam WP.



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