Tuesday, December 12, 2006

6 weird things you don't know about me

alsense tagged me. I was sick. flu with a sinus infection back. really hot. everybody cum! al, forgive me. after hitting vocab's blog tonight, I was reminded of the tag. I am now fulfilling my tagbligations as you have so generously done for me on a million occasions.

This tag has rules. pay attention
1. Each player of this game starts with the “6 weird things about you”.

2. People who get tagged need to write a blog of their own 6 weird things as well as state this rule clearly.

3. At the end, you need to choose 6 people to be tagged and list their names. Don’t forget to leave a comment that says “you are tagged” in their comments and tell them to read your blog.


1. I am not a hypochondriac. I fear death. there is a difference. so, I write eulogies. incessantly. shamelessly. about myself. the people I love. whenever I am more terrified than usual about the peel factor, I eulogize myself into a heated frenzy.

2. I get distracted way too easily when I masturbate. my mind goes off on tangents that are so random, I can't even begin to tell you. I get fixated on a word or a thought and repeat it in my head three times until I segue into yet another ridiculous, random distraction.

3. I have the worst gag reflex known to man and hate, detest, despise and abhor the smell of rose milk. it offends me and makes me so nauseas, I gag. but I love the smell of fresh cut roses.

4. I am an avid perfume collector of fine and vintage scents and have over 1,000 bottles.

5. I play the saxophone. badly, but I do play.

6. I take black and white photographs that I never show people but have sold under an assumed name.

I am tagging: write procrastinator, toady, crionaberry, honeysmack, mister mister (he hates it so much when I tag him that it's become a new katie-compulsion), drug nazi, c-punch and johnny yen.


Writeprocrastinator said...

Thanks for tagging me and I'll get to this tonight or tomorrow. I'll have to mull this one over and word it carefully, I don't want to come across like one of your neighbors ; )

Al Sensu said...

Finally I got to tag you first. Everybody just loves getting tagged. Did you see what NV called me!

Some thoughts:

2. Just think of me and you'll stay on task.

4. 1000?!?!?? That is truly wild. You smell mahvelous, I'm sure.

6. This is the most intriguing to me. I know why I write under an assumed name, but curious why you hide this. What's your subject matter, I wonder?

John Donald Carlucci said...

2. I guess that is better than getting distracted from stuff and masturbating. Think of what they would say in Ralph's.

Johnny Dollars
(my new wise guy name)

Eric Riback said...

OK, you got me. I'm working on it, but give me some time. I'm so f*in boring, I don't know if there are six weird things about me. I've decided to do this one under my Clark Kent-like identity so it's real. The imp side has been egging you on and now I see the result. This is sport for you.

Coaster Punchman said...

Thanks for the tag dear - I have been too busy to blog this week but I will make it a weekend obligation. I'm glad to know about some of your masturbatory habits.

katie schwartz said...

wp, I can't wait! I am going to be blog hopping first thing tomorrow morning and hope to read all about your weirdness :)

katie schwartz said...

al sensu, you did tag me first. ya big jew. happy hanukah, bubbie! are you going to deck your balls with blue and white candle wax?

damn, there I go again mixing my holidays. such a dumb ass minx.

I've wanted to use minx in a sentence awwwl fucking day.

thanks for the masturbatory guidance!

total perfume whore. I have some really incredible cool bottles. but I'm always in the market for more. I absolutely love, love, love fine perfume, vintage and maaahdahn. if you ever need a scent for your gorgeous wife, lemme know.

re: the photography. well, it's simple. I'm a writer. I live to write and write to live. it's a stupid career dream. whatevah. you submit. you get rejected. it's part of life. photography is something I am intrigued by because it's a different way to tell a story. what I shoot is for me and me alone. it's not something I share with others. by doing this, it is not up for discussion, debate or rejection. it's a pleasant creative outlet for that reason. I also have nothing on it. I shoot weird things. it does wonders for me creatively so that I can spin even better yarns.

the sale of those photos was an accident and not something I was happy about. the buyer(s) have no clue it's me, so I can live with it.

I'm a strange broad, what can I tell ya.

katie schwartz said...

johnny dollars -- LOVE IT!

umiag said...

riback, go fuck yaself. you ain't boring. you're one of the funniest multi-dimensional foodies I know! I can't wait to read it.

katie schwartz said...

coaster, don't you feel better knowing about my total lack of masturbatory skills? you feel closer to me, right?

jes kiddin.

can't wait to read it. I know it will be a sarcastic bitch fest of epic proportions :)


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