Thursday, November 16, 2006

sad clown

hi. me.


Fredrick Schwartz said...

Thanks for the Shiny Stat thingy. You know it really is all about size and we wouldn't be doing this shit if nobody read the crap I spew.



Dale said...

Would it help if I sang to you? Something like My Shaloma?

Ms Smack said...

Hey luv.

I get a very cheap deal to call USA. If you wanna chat sometime, email me your number to, we can work out timezones and I give you a call.

It'd be great to put a voice to the words :)


Al Sensu said...

There's just more of you to love.

katie schwartz said...

schwartzy, don't you love the shiny stat? it's the best!

hit heeb magazine, and submit for battle of the schwartzs:

katie schwartz said...

dale, you make me laugh so much!

katie schwartz said...

honey smack, emailing you today :)

katie schwartz said...

al, please... it's an ugh squared.


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