Saturday, November 25, 2006

personal relationship

I don't understand what it means when christians say they have a personal relationship with jesus. I was christian blog hopping this morning ... for a change. shut the fuck up, and happened upon this doozy.

"I went to a tragic funeral today. No, not the most tragic one I have ever been to. BUT, they have the eternal hope that they will see their son again as they have a personal relationship with Jesus Christ... Their beautiful son also had a personal relationship with Jesus too and is in heaven right now... The most tragic funerals are when you know the people do not have that hope I have mentioned. Be thankful we have our children every minute as they are really just on loan to us from God "

the loan from god thing is creepy as all fuck off. but that's another post.

anywho, it's not the first time I have seen the personal relationship buzz fraze used (I know, it's phrase), but I'm seeing it more frequently. it's always struck me as arrogant, presumptuous and lacking in substance. I couldn't figure out why, so i hit and looked it up.

personal relationship: a relation between persons.


flowing along the crazed christian pov, jesus is god. he's not a person. he's not a man. he's a hero, a savior and only someone seen in death. yes, I know he's a chatty cathy and speaks to each zealot on a daily basis, guiding them. leading them. GOT IT.

but he ain't never described as no man.

so, how in the fuck can you have a personal relationship with jesus when in fact a personal relationship is between persons. not god and persons.

I don't feel like finishing this. *cbb

right now, you know what I'm doing, avoiding.

I've been running errands and jewcifer since the crack o' dawn.

I have a million things to do today + write.

I'm avoiding.


*cbb = can't be bothered


Anonymous said...

Just as important, Katie: What is the alternate to a PRw/JC? An "impersonal" one? A "fling"? JC as a fuckbuddy, a "friend with benefits"? And who the hell are those fire and brimstone breathing cockheads to judge just who does and doesn't have a PRw/JC? Maybe the old JC is the kinda guy who likes a scotch and a cuban, and jokes with his mates and calls people "cunts". In which case, all those Christians with bibles in thier hands, and carrots up their arses are in a shed-load of trouble...

Mister Mxyzptlk said...

I have a personal relationship with Jesus. At least that's what the guy here at the home with me says his name is.

Anonymous said...

It's me, the drugmonkey. WTF is up with blogger not letting me comment using my name?

it's always struck me as arrogant, presumptuous and lacking in substance

Somewhere out there is a nail with it's ears ringing, because you could not have hit it any harder on the head.

You may or may not know I'm a refugee from red-state bible thumping Appalachia. At one time being a God-fearin' Christian out in the holler' meant you were most likely a simple person living in a complex world. You were humbled by the powers of the universe you didn't understand, but had faith that if you tried to be a good soul, and do right as best you understood it, you would meet justice in eternity. You would struggle against temptation. You would fail. You would learn and keep struggling. your struggle was by and large between you and God. Think Johnny Cash.

Today's "personal relationship" crowd is the exact opposite. Their "faith" is nothing but an instrument to feed their ego, allowing them to see themselves as superior to you and anyone else who isn't hanging with JC. There is no struggle, there is simply a cancellation of the sin bill they ring up because they're one of the "in" crowd. Think George W Bush. You've overanalyzed the "personal relationship" wording. The people who use it aren't smart enough to realize what you've said. They just know it's something to say that makes them feel special.

Personally, I worship the ocean on a clear night under a full moon. Talk about humbling......

katie schwartz said...

very good point, joy juice. tis true. jc was hot. very hot. sauntering around his little hut in a loin clotch. chicks loved him!

katie schwartz said...

well, mister-mister, let's take inventory, shall we?

is your jesus easy on the eyes? does he break out a cross and thorn hat during the holidays? does he wear his loin cloth with the same style and fervor? is he ambi-sexual?

if you've answered yes to all of the above questions, by golly, mister-mister, you just might have yourself a genuine jc!

go with god.

katie schwartz said...

drug monkey, lots of food for thought. great points. thought provoking as ever and to do so at such a late hour in the day.

do you have the lord runnin' through yer veins?

Anonymous said...

I completely disbelieve in God. I believe God is a cop-out for those who are too weak, lazy, uncreative, scared to live their own life, make their OWN mistakes, and learn from their own consequences.

Giving all the praise and blame on God is nothing but someone who fails to take life what it is ... LIFE.

Anonymous said...

(Drugmonkey again, take heart in the fact you're not the only one who has trouble commenting on your blog.)

My dear Katie, I was immersed in the "personal relationship" world for 31 years before I ran away, and now I see them gaining on me in the rearview mirror.

This explains why the only thing running through my veins most nights is a 0.2 blood alcohol content.

Mars said...

so... any time I've heard the "personal relationship" phrase, its been by a non-catholic ... they like to point out that catholics go through priests to get to God, whereas other people speak directly to God.


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