Monday, October 30, 2006

halloween and floods... oh my!

today, I decided to wear floods all day. but, not just floods. cuffs that were clearly terrified of touching shoe. I wanted to see how people would react. I was very disappointed. I got a few grimaces and the odd sneer, but that's it! am I that unfortunate? I was hoping for some core laughs and wicked vile comments. instead I got bupkas. sigh. I'm a blue jew.

I'm on a budget this year, so I'm trying to decide what to go as for halloween. I'm torn. if I buy an afro and a rope, I can tie my kitchen clock around my neck and go as flavor flave. if I'm willing to invest in a black cabbage patch baby, I can go as madonna. but, if I add big round glasses and a leash, I can go as brad and angelina.

decisions. decisions.

I'm so conflicted.


diane said...

What could be funnier than a Jewish woman dressed as Flavor Flav?
Not much, that's for certain.

Writeprocrastinator said...

Borrow a Hawaiian shirt from one of the neighbors and sling on a cardboard sign that says, "will pitch for food."

What? Oh, c'mon Katie, don't say that! I told you already, "there's no 'f' in thank you."

katie schwartz said...

good point, di!

katie schwartz said...

wp, don ho?

Dale said...

Only Jew can make the world seem right.

yournamehere said...

When I was a kid we would verbally destroy anyone who wore "highwaters". They would have loved the lack of attention you received while wearing your floods.


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