Tuesday, October 03, 2006

fuck tuesday

you know that song::

Jenny, I got your number
Jenny, I need to make you mine
Jenny, don't change your number

WHAT HAPPENED HERE?! what planets aligned so tommy tutone could sell this top of the pop chart, inapropriate tune?!

I am so offended that it popped into my head without any forwarning. I feel violated.



Mountjoy said...

But what is more evil - the annoying, nursery-rhyme-like embedment of the song in your head, or a fella going around calling himself Tommy Tutone?

Al Sensu said...

Yes, one of the great stalking songs.

n.v. said...

I love this song. Fuck all y'all.

katie schwartz said...

mount joy, I'm with you on this.

al sensu: hahahahahahahah

vocab, you do? why? spill! no judgment. pure unadulteratred curiosity!


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