Monday, September 04, 2006

this is so wrong

Three-time mom Sharon Stone shows off her latest addition, 3-month-old Quinn, Thursday, in Beverly Hills. The baby joins two adopted brothers – Roan, 6, and Laird, 15 months.

this is so creepy. so, "after an afternoon of shopping at barney's, I couldn't decide if I wanted a capuccino or a white baby. I flipped a coin and wallah."


AL said...

you mean she could have taken the capuccino? what the hell is wrong with this chick?

n.v. said...

I commented rightly at dlisted on this self-involved CUNT. Hate her.

katie schwartz said...

I know, al! who would forego coffee for a white baby?! it's just so 80s.

vocab, I love when you say, cunt.


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