Thursday, September 07, 2006

the park and the dane

louie and I go to the park two to three times a day. love to play catch with the kid. so much fun. anywho there is this older broad; you know, the stoic silent type. she always shows up after 4 pm with her giant beige dane. I feel like she rapes him; has inapropriate sexual relations with him. it's the way she dotes on him. looks at him. steers him away from his would be friends. it's so canineophile. totally creeps me out. like he's going to share her dirty little secret with the world. I'm sure if he and jewcifer had 5 minutes to dish, oh could daney spin a yarn. and it's not like louie keeps secrets from me. he'd spill. I'd call the heat. the fuzz. the flat feet and she'd be locked up... in solitary of course. main population could get her whacked.

I'm ovulating. I also won't be blogging this weekend unfortunately. monday deadline. this will be my last post until monday. pine. please. love pineage. I will pine too. we'll pine together. I'm pining now.

have a great weekend. sleep. fuck. eat. repeat.


Al Sensu said...

I will pine for you. I will walk around all weekend with pine, so to speak.

AL said...

i never eat or sleep...


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