Thursday, September 28, 2006

I'm menstruating

yes. it's true. the dams have broken and I am bleeding. my lips have parted for the red seas to flow.

I have the worst fucking cramps on the planet.

my vagina hurts.

my dog has a lump on his ankle and his shoulder. god willing, it's nothing.

I can't stop feeling myself up. it's almost breast cancer awareness month and I'm a ddd, so it's not a 10 minute thing. more like 10 hours.

I've had to cut myself off from my vibrator. paco and I were getting a little too close. I'm hoping for vibrator privileges when I can exercise restraint.

I'm a slut. this will be difficult.

do not forget to read the boobiethon post and to expose your beautiful boobies for breast cancer awareness this month!


Writeprocrastinator said...

Jeez Katie, you and JJ with the click-throughs to the read the rest of the post ; P

Dale said...

At least you both look happy about it. And the dog's shoulder does look a bit lumpy there. Which one are you again?

katie schwartz said...

wp, I got rid of it. I couldn't bear it. jj isn't a fan of it either. he wants to be able to do it on specific posts... but, he's a code god, so if anyone can figger it out, it's jj.

potd, that's my grandparents wedding picture. it's tits, ain't it?

Dale said...

Is that your Grandma's cane or a trickle of your blood down the front of her dress. I can't believe I just said that.


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