Tuesday, August 22, 2006

top 10 reasons jessica simpson is sharing her pussy

1) she's a "show", not "tell", girl
2) since her divorce, she wants to make 100% certain that men know she still has a pussy
3) she's ready to date the blind
4) she's more than just a pretty face
5) she's en route to a lesbian luncheon
6) she's going to the pleasure chest and doesn't have time to try IN vibes. she needs to roll up to a clerk and say, "do you have anything in my size?"
7) she was hoping to offset the white bag bashing after labor day that would've ensued
8) see! I told you my lips matched!
9) she feels like nobody pays any attention to her. the lips are a last stitch effort
10) she's auditioning for a lip salve commercial


n.v. said...

Are you talking about the moose knuckle?


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