Sunday, August 27, 2006

six million dollar man breaks silence!

this morning when louie jew and I were at the park, fanny pack made a cameo. it was all very exciting!

the conversation went like this:

fanny pack: good morning.

(I did an over the shoulder glance as a "just in case" he wasn't speaking to me.)

me: good morning to you.

fanny pack: he sure can jump.

(oh my god, you still have the bionic voice. oh, please do a slow motion bionic jump! please, please with sugar on top, please.)

me: why yes he can!

fanny pack: I'd hate to be that rope!

the toy I throw to louie. I know. you know. whatever.

me: laughing. laughing. laughing. gratuitous. gratuitous. gratuitous.

bitchy or not, it was still a great bionic moment. I wanted to ask if his plastic surgery included any bionic capabilities but I thought that would be rude. do we know if bioboy is seemingly straight or a voracious bottom?


Writeprocrastinator said...

Wow, cool! Plus I'm glad Louie resisted the urge to show him up.

Mars said...

Where are the covertly taken pictures? :)

also: do you think he mentions you in his blog? someone should find out.


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