Wednesday, July 05, 2006

lisa welchel's journal archives

lisa welchel journaled about a dinner she had with another creepy christian chick, beth moore.

so, when the check came, blair picked it up with her 'mom time ministries' credit card. however, blair's card was declined (sad blair).

the best part of the story is their little banter about the interpretation of blair's card being rejected:

beth cleverly jumped in: “I think this is god saying that I’m supposed to treat you to dinner.
I fought back: No, I think this is god saying you are supposed to meet my husband, Steve.

when my credit card is declined, I chalk it up to being fat, poor white trash. but, maybe I'm missing something. maybe big j is trying to send me a message. should I be stealing cards from neighboring check folders? should I suck my waiter's cock?

I think I'm going to sit in the closet like lisa welchel does with my ipod and see if I can't mainline god.


Write Procrastinator said...

I've already contacted your family and they've contacted your Rabbi, we're doing an intervention on you, Katie-lah.


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