Friday, May 19, 2006

guess how much a dog's knee surgery is?

after a day at the vet's, we learned that louie jew has destroyed, severed, ripped and completely torn his ligament. must he one up me all the time?! I had my meniscus removed.

guess how much this pleasure is going to cost?

ask me if those god damned orthopods will accept payments?

the answer is a big fat fuck no.

brace yourselves.

here it comes.

a quote so heinous, I tossed my cookies.


mother of god.


Anonymous said...

Get a second opinion. A traditional knee surgery vs. a TPLO less than half the price and actually better for large breed dogs. My 110 lb golden retriever had her cruciate ligament rebuilt in January for $1450. She's as good as new. Go educate yourself at this site:

As for financing, there is a program for financing, it's here:
Just find a vet who takes the program. You do not need to go to a special ortho vet, many small animal (dog, cat) vets are trained in traditional cruciate surgery.

So much for this stupid homeschooler not knowing anything, eh?

Anonymous said...

doc, I don't think you're stupid at all. I never said that you were stupid.

thank you so much for the advice. I agree with you. I just found out yesterday and I've been looking up alternatives. Thanks to you, I now know that there is a different knee surgery and it's a hell of a lot less expensive.

again, thank you very much. hope you're doing well,


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