Saturday, April 22, 2006

born again christian men!

so, this morning while I was at the park with louie, some guy with his dog says to me, "I come here to pray."

seems more like a canine driven spot, but ohkay. pray away.

one would think that would dissuade him from further communication, but oh no, not this born again christian boy. he says, "I'm a christian and christians are jews. we really love your people. our faith is rooted in judaism. we shouldn't even be called christians, we should be called disciples of jesus who was a jew by the way."

I look like jewey?!

ok, so I do. but, I also look italian or spanish.

according to him, I was a super jew.

what pissed me off, is while he was hockin me to go to his church in santa monica and spewing his jew to christian, christian to jew yarn, he's staring at the twins!

shameful little shit.

I finally said to him, "my ears are a little bit higher."

he was mortified.

I was pleased.


Anonymous said...

wow some guys are so lame at picking up chicks.

Anonymous said...

His heart belongs to Jesus, but the rest of him?


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