Wednesday, March 01, 2006

shame on me!

today when louie and I went to the pet store to score some treats. I was all hopped up on frustration and angst. big time.

he asked for my signature, the clerk, you know. I signed. he said, "thank you, MRS. SCHWARTZ."

I shamefully wailed, "I'm not a MRS. and I don't want to be a MRS. I don't want to get married. it's not for me. I don't have to be a MRS. to afford treats for my dog. I can do it all by myself. and I can't BELIEVE THAT YOU WOULD JUST HAVE THE AUDACITY TO CALL ME MRS."

he turned red.

the customer behind him; his jaw dropped.

I glared at him and said, "that doesn't mean I'm a lesbian, ya know."

before skulking away, I said, "let's pretend none of this happened!"

I am soooooo ashamed....


Nicole said...

i so understand, girl. One time, a guy called me "ma'am" (I'm sure out of respect) but I flipped my lid then too. And i felt horrible about it later, too.

Write Procrastinator said...

I hate it when my son's classmates call me "Mr. Procrastinator." I know that they are being respectful, but I tell that them that "Mr. Procrastinator was my dad. Call me Procrastinator Jr.'s Dad or Write."


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