Wednesday, March 22, 2006

doc is threatening to ban my IP address:

"I so love providing a free service to some idiot. I think I'll ban her IP's so she has a meltdown trying to proxy in." -- doc

all because I said that I didn't agree with her post about getting people to ban the sale of books.

"What a fucking loser. A fat lonely girl, obsessed with lesbians and homeschoolers. I must be manna for her." --doc

if you click through and read that link, you won't believe the horrific things these people are saying. it's so shocking. they want to see me banned because I have a different opinion.

I could easily go through my stats too and find several click through's to my site from Doc's Oregon location.

what was she doing on my site in the first place? she's made it clear how much disdain she has for me in previous posts.

yes, I found it incredibly shocking that a lesbian would support any form of censorship. that doesn't mean I'm obsessed with her. having witnessed my gay and lesbian family members and friends suffer cruel and abusive acts of censorship and inequality, I couldn't believe someone as educated as doc would subscribe to such an act.

when you censor voices that you don't agree with, you set yourself up for being censored yourself. nobody should have the right to decide what is apropriate and what isn't. censorship is completely based on opinion, nothing more. I don't want the government or the christian movement or anyone else making decisions about what's apropriate for me to read or write or watch or listen to. that decision should be left up to me.

because we have the freedom of speech, we can speak out against books and things we don't agree with. but to get them banned and to make the decision of what's apropriate content for all Americans, well, that's just wrong. and that's not what this country was founded upon.

I just find this all so sad. I really do.


Anonymous said...

Don't worry. Not everyone out there agrees with that slag whore. Some of us are on your side.

Anonymous said...



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