Tuesday, March 28, 2006

a dearly departed friend... a moment of silence, please

at approximately 8:54 PM, I suffered a painful loss, something I'm not sure I will ever recover from. though my relationship was brief, it was far from inconsequential. in fact it was one of the most profound unions I've ever experienced.

we spent every waking minute together. we were joined at the hip, the best of friends.

the click wheel on my crackberry croaked. I am overwhelmed with sorrow. so much so that I will be sitting shiva for her, and shrouding all mirrors so that I can reflect on our journey together; 3 short months. it's never enough time is it?

a memorial service will be held on saturday morning at 8:54 AM. please feel free to attend.


forlorn crack whore no more


Anonymous said...

Great, great, way to go. You had me scared for those first two paragraphs ; P

Only the good die young...

unless they're under warranty.


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