Tuesday, March 21, 2006

book banning

into the sunrise is calling on people to ban the sale of pearls old schoolhouse books. of course they are horrific books. but I can't believe that a lesbian is advocating book banning! shame on her! that's censorship and stupidity. you should absolutely never, under any circumstances kybosh freedom of speech. our citizens have lost so many of our rights as it is.

disgusting. do not support this!


Anonymous said...

The right to say or write what we want is a precious freedom, but like all freedoms, it comes with a responsibility. In fact, it comes with several responsibilities. If you abuse this freedom, you lose it. It is a simple concept; Freedoms are not free.

The Pearl's book encourages people to do things to their children that our government (and culture) say is child abuse. They use their book to tell people that it is their duty to hurt children. That, in fact, the only way to train children to be responsible adults is to beat them. They are not just expressing an opinion. They are telling people how to beat their kids, which is an illegal act. This negates their right to express it. Their book is not protected by the first amendment.

Concerning censorship: Some christians have long tried to censor and ban books in an effort to control what people believe. THe things that they want to censor, for the most part, are protected by our laws. They are not protecting anyone from physical harm, they are simply trying to control what we read. The censorship they call for is oppressive in nature. But that does not mean that all censorship is oppressive or wrong.

The call to ban the Pearl's book is a call to protect children from harm. There are many consitutional ways for the pearls to "share" their beliefs, a "How to" book on abusing chidlren is not one of them. It should be banned.

I am curious... is their a lesbian handbook or something that makes it wrong for a lesbian to be an individual and have certain opinions? What does Doc being a lesbian have to do with banning this book?

You should rethink what you've written here.


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