Tuesday, February 21, 2006


with myself, first, above everything else.

I dislike someone who will remain nameless more then you can possibly imagine. this person is the archetype for stupidity. I am perpetually incensed, disgusted and overwhelmed with disdain for this individual.

here's the kicker. I have SO MUCH GUILT about my disdain for this person, you couldn't possibly imagine.

I am a wretched beast.

I'm in between hair colors, so I look like I have a fuckin' swarm of goldfish swimming around the top of my head; or like I'm trying to reenact a thorn hat scene from some semicolon biblical yarn.

Oh, I'm going back to my natural hair color versus the jet hideous black I was for so long. whatever, I'm so annoyed.

I hate when people stare at me. It makes me feel annoyingly short.



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