Monday, November 03, 2008

Rachel Maddow on Poll Tax

Love this broad.... She's right.

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KELSO'S NUTS said...


Rachel Maddow is the only TV pundit with a regular show to hold a PhD (Oxford, Political Science). She is BOSS.

There are only two other TV pundits at all with similar credentials. Sadly, the play for the other sideL George Will (Princeton), William Kristol (Harvard).

I understand that America is the greatest country on Earth and has the longest continuous democracy^ and my country is one of the youngest non-colonial democracies (9 years), but how is it that we have elections on Sundays so this shit doesn't happen and have always had elections on Sundays, and the greatest country since the Big Bang with the most brilliant Caucasian life-forms ever to grace the universe can't figure out a simple solution like that?

* [The USA is hardly the country on Earth with the longest continuous self-governing system. It's a parlour trick: all older ones are either Constitutional or Common-Law monarchies. But that's a little too advanced a concept for a country who can't figure out to hold elections on Sundays to understand.]

Here's my card.

POPULAR VOTE: Obama 55% McCain 43% Aggregate of off-party vote 2%
ELECTORAL VOTE: Obama 370 McCain 168
SENATE 58 Democrats 40 Republicans 1 Bernie Sanders 1 Funny-Looking Orthodox Jew with a squeaky-voice and a hideous acne-scarred face
HOUSE: 263 Democrats 172 Republicans

The USA is, however, the longest continuously self-governing country on Earth to still have the death penalty, to EVER incarcerate children with adults, to operate a concentration camp, to not have single-payer health insurance, and to have initiated 7 wars over the last 27 years. The only other one on the list was the UK with 1 (Falklands). Give yourselves a round of applause for a truly remarkable record. Those who appreciate such things are encourage to have some laughs today and tomorrow until around 0pm.

Unknown said...

Rachel blows me away with her brilliance. I saw that piece last night and I was just so impressed (and angered by the actual situation).

We were SO lucky to have her & Keith during this election season. Without them we might not have gotten so far ahead.


I am so glad tomorrow looks great for Obama. But I still have butterflies and will until Wednesday.

Fran said...

What a train wreck... Rachel is so right. And as already has been said, she is amazing.

Mauigirl said...

I adore Rachel - she really is brilliant - and her personality is great.

She is so right - it is a poll tax to have to stand in line like this. What is wrong with these parts of the country? I've never had to stand in line to vote here in New Jersey.

Anonymous said...

teaching this Jim Crow crap to 8th graders. They quickly caught on to caging and totally got it. Thanks to G. Palast. Streetwise kids pick up on angles and screwjobs very quickly. Randi Rhodes has been banging this very topic for a week at least but it takes RM to frame it as it is a poll tax. Jim Crow rides again.


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