Sunday, November 09, 2008

Hate Mail or Hate Femail, You Decide

This morning, I woke up to this yummalicious mail in my box:

"I am so sorry that I took the time to view your website. gruel and spew. thanks for nothing. However your site and others like it have kept the hate mongers of your ilk out of jail for at least a couple of months.

Politially Ill"

We're going to break this down first, to be sure we understand it.

According to, Gruel is A thin watery porridge, or Chiefly British Severe punishment. That said, maybe s/he meant to say that s/he spewed their gruel after reading my site, or that until January 20th, Bush should forego water boarding me, and hand me over to the British for another form of severe punishment. Thoughts?

I couldn't find Politially on I hate to assume, but I'm almost positive s/he meant that s/he was politically ill after reading my "hate mongering" site.

It's true that I dislike evangelicals, zealot fundamentalists in any form. I do celebrate religion and those who practice religion that doesn't infringe on my political rights. I'm a practicing Jew for chrissakes. Two of my favorite people are fiercely religious, one is an Episcopal Priest and another is a devout Catholic. We're very supportive of each other's religious freedoms and have dished religion plenty. I've learned a lot from these two women and I'm wild about them.

What I'd like to know is how I am a "hate monger". To be clear, I am exercising my freedom of speech by writing about things that I am vehemently opposed to and support like: Overturning Proposition 8. Supporting Obama. Castrating the right wing for voter tampering. Calling republicans repubtards. Running a McCunt essay contest on my blog. Supporting a woman's right to choice. Stem cell research, and a slew of other causes and issues.

I think s/he, the author of this email should meet the broad who left this comment last night:

"O my god! You are a Jew! Don't you feel bad about that? Don't you know that the Jews murdered our Lord? Get yourself together and turn to the right religion before it's too late, girl!"

Yes, I am a JEW, a big screaming proud Jew. Jesus was a Jew, too, sugartits. Just an FYI, I think you might want to re-read your bible because we didn't murder Jesus. Jew-on-Jew killing ain't how we roll, yo.

PS: The proper term for "O my god" is "OMG" or "Oh my God", just a lil FYIer for ya.

Tomorrow, you must stop by. I scored an interview with the Editor-In-Chief of Farmhouse Magazine that I will be posting, and, and, and, their first anthology hits newsstands on November 10th!


Dawn Fortune said...

I nearly spit cornflakes and milk out my nose this morning reading this! Magnificent post!
Hate is ugly, no matter who wears it, but I think it looks worse still on those who hate in the name of virtue.
Good on you for the magazine thing!

Anonymous said...

I can't help but believe that if Jesus were around to see the hate and intolerance spread in his name, he'd cry. Of course, I'm just a Jew, too, so what do I know?

DivaJood said...

What I always wonder about is this: the people who send these hate-filled emails tend to always misuse the English language, mixing metaphors and rampant misspellings. I'm wondering if politially meant "potentially" or "politically". As for the torture of choice, Gruel is pretty nasty.

The other email, the one that said you should get over being Jewish - in my 60 years, I've been checked for horns and called a kike more times than I care to mention. I think the hate-filled "Christians" should take a serious look at their black hearts.

Dr. Monkey Von Monkerstein said...

If you're not a "Jew for Jesus' then you must hate all good Christians who want to save your soul and turn you into a hatemonger like they are.

Anonymous said...

O, I just don't like Jews.
They murdered our Lord Jesus Christ and got away with that. That's not right. No government has yet brought them to justice and I heard John McCain saying that they own half of the US except Alaska.

I intend to change that when I'm president. I heard they don't like me so why should I care about them? Jews are bad, I learned that in Sunday school.

O, and it's all about job creation, too!

Unknown said...

Good lord this post & comment thread are just FILLED with Jewy goodness!

I agree with DivaJood: sugartits and her ilk misspell every other word, had atrocious grammar and are grotesquely uninformed (Jews killed our Jeebus, e.g.).

I'm sorta jealous though that as a Jew you get more hate mail than I do as an atheist. Maybe I ought to advertise it more?

My new favorite response to things I don't like, however, may be "gruel and spew." Or just "G.A.S." It's sort of brilliant even coming from a wingnuttertard.

Unknown said...

Ha ha .... that would be "HAVE atrocious grammar"... yes I am aware of the irony.

Sarah Palin how's come your site's title pic only has ONE dead wolf on it? Surely you could have done better than that?

s. douglas said...

Garsh, two posts in one day. I must be a Jew Hag, which is like a "Fag Hag," except it involves Jews, and I'm a dude.


As an Owner/Operator of a "Hate Site," I explain myself this way.

Some people deserve to be despised. They've worked hard to obtain a certain level of disdain, and who am I to tell them they can't follow their dreams?

That's downright Un-American.

Anonymous said...

No, Miss Shworz!
Jesus Christ was not a Jew, he was a Christian. Are you so uneducated not to know? It's part of His name, you stupid!

Freida Bee said...

Well, if I had a bible, it would say that we are all equal at the sexy Jesus party. And, I know it would say that, because I would write it in there and that would be the word of God.

Anonymous said...

KS -- You had me @ "Jew-on-Jew killing ain't how we roll, yo." But then again you had me in the whole foods store so what do I count. You're Wilt Chamberlin and I'm Britney when it comes to comedy I guess.. The backlash of a lost election is really amazing huh ? Poor Limbaugh is packing his maid's oxy shopping kit for her again and I hear O'reilly has ordered 3 new falafels. I recommend these holies go watch a little Hitchens Spanking Hannity on Youtube if they really want some hurt feelings. Oh whaddya know a cut n paste link

Unknown said...

OK, Rastamick, how could I ever have missed Hitchen's slapdown of Inannity over Falwell's death? That is COMEDY GOLD!

Sara said...

"My new favorite response to things I don't like, however, may be "gruel and spew." Or just "G.A.S."

That is quite a useful phrase, I can't wait to fit it into a conversation!

I can see how your website can make fundamentalists of any flavor uncomfortable. I call myself a Christian and I love your blog. The head of our denomination received hateful comments on his blog after the election because of his stand on the issues (proBama and anti-8). However, he was quiet about his politics and didn't try to force it on everyone else.

Keep it up, if they're commenting, they are reading, and if they are reading, maybe something will sink in.

Mauigirl said...

Jeez, I thought that "they killed our Lord" stuff went out of style 30 years ago. Who the heck still SAYS that? I wonder sometimes who these other people are in our country; oh yeah, they live in the "real" America.

I hate to tell them but WE are the "real" America!

Unknown said...

mauigirl, I think Mel Gibson brought it back into vogue with his bloody, anti-semitic movie a couple years back, after which he said some anti-semitic things he got a slap on the wrist for.

You couldn't have paid me to see that movie and put $$ in that asshole's pocket.

jin said...

I tend to find that all my hate mail comes from chicks. (Guys generally stick to sending cock pics.)

It's simple really.

They get jealous. You are fabulous & they know it & it pisses them off cause they realize they could never be anything like you. So they spew shyte to try & fuck up your day.

I love that you posted about it.
*thumbs up*

Anonymous said...

Helen -- I was searching his less recent bio of Mother Teresa which he actually titled : Missionary Position. I think if there is a hell Hitch should get a dick cheney-like deferment simply for the outrageous entertainment he provides us with on this side of the sod !!!

Unknown said...

Oh Rastamick I completely agree!! THat's hilarious, I had forgotten that title!

DrugMonkey, Master of Pharmacy said...

Wait, the Jews DIDN'T kill Jesus?

That's the only reason I went to synagogue last Saturday. No way I'm converting now.

Stupid ass Mel Gibson. So should I be worshiping Zeus or something? 'Cause I totally want to be on team crucifixion.

Cormac Brown said...

Well, Katie, first? You don't remember your Eagles songs. In "Life In The Fast Lane," Don Henley clears sings "he had a nasty reputation as a gruel dude."

"Politially Ill"

What? You've never heard of "Politially ill?" That's what you get when you eat bad pierogies at a Polish (or any of the other Baltic countries) restaurant.

Dang, the (s)hits keep coming...

"Get yourself together and turn to the right religion before it's too late, girl!"

Uh, wait a minute. This country was literally founded by people who couldn't practice their religon of choice, in their own country. It's called "freedom of religon" and it's a basic tenet in this thing we have called the "Constitution."

Now this-

"Jesus was a Jew, too, sugartits."

Ha-hah! This is easily the line of the week and it's only Sunday! You rock!

"Just an FYI, I think you might want to re-read your bible because we didn't murder Jesus. Jew-on-Jew killing ain't how we roll, yo."


Anonymous said...

Helen Wheels, it's not a wolf, it's a polar bear that I shot while President Sarkozy of the United France and I were hunting!

You gotta come here to Alaska and visit us! We have a lot of animals to hunt. We hunt each Sunday after church.

Ms Smack said...

People are such fuckin' assholes eh?

Distributorcap said...

wow -- you KNOW sarah palin!

you want to see real hate (as opposed to the defined hate from people who cannot spell or cannot compose a sentence)

go to

and ask politially ill about Ann Coulter and Rush Limbaugh - whom i assume don't spew hate in his/her mind

Fran said...

Well, as one noted as a "devout Catholic" I better get my comment here. Sorry I am late- I was away as you know.

What kind of email-ian fucktardery was that crap you received? People have issues, big issues.

As for Jesus Christ - born a Jew, lived as a Jew, died as a Jew. Questions?

As for Christianity - early followers attended the Temple services in Jerusalem and had home based meals to commemorate the last supper meal.

It became Christianity later. And as for the Christ killer remarks - not acceptable!

People are crazy Katie, but you knew that.

I love you.


Randal Graves said...

Everyone knows that Jesus was a blond Aryan. Duh.

Billie Greenwood said...

Yeah, what Randal said...and Jesus spoke English. Don't let anyone tell you anything different.

Madam Z said...

Okay, I am a "big screaming proud" atheist with 1/8 of my genes coming from a Jewish great-grandparent. I have great respect and admiration for the Jewish people. And shit like those e-mails you received makes me LIVID! Good for you, Katie, for treating it with your characteristic good humor. I'm afraid that I would not have been as civilized as you. I would have spewed gruel.

And now I have a question for the hate-spewing Christians out there. Even if Jews HAD killed Jewish Jesus, which they didn't, why are Christians angry about it? Christians seem to be happy that "Jesus died for their sins." Really! Isn't that one of the basic tenets? So why the hell are they mad at the people (whoever the hell they were)who helped him die?

And why the hell are they still taking it out on the descendents of those ancient people? I'm pretty sure that Jesus was killed by the Romans. Yet Christians have been flocking to Rome for the past 1500 years to worship at their altars. And now they have a GERMAN Pope to idolize. Where's the outrage over what the German people did? The worst atrocities in history were committed there, just a few decades ago,but now that's just water under the bridge, folks. But boy, oh boy, they're gonna be hating on the Jews (some of whom are probably descended from Jesus) until kingdom come.

Of course, it's foolish of me to expect to find logic in anything having to do with religion. So I'm gonna shut up now. Bye!

Anonymous said...

Katie -

As you know, it is just as important to be hated by the right people as it is to be loved by the right people. It means you are doing your job.

Your shiksa*,


* is there a male shiksa? Shikso?

Anonymous said...

Katie Schwartz, From Oy to Vey, and she didn't know you were Jewish?? Are you kidding me?
That being said; there is at least one, straight, married Mom of one that believes in fairness AND in the Constitution.
I was raised Quaker and I just can't wrap my head around the hate. I just don't get it. Maybe I just don't have that deep-seated NEED to force my views on others.
(not something I really
Excuse my rambling, please. Just wanted you to know that some of us straight people think that it was stupid to even WRITE prop 8!
Since the FEDERAL Constitution says equality for ALL people; well, I just don't get the problem. Keep up the good work, Katie!

Molly The Dog said...

Well I'm an atheist Jew. How about that? Just don't turn those hate filled zealots on me.

I had a knock on my door the other day and when I opened it there stood two young men in suits. You guessed it, LDS. When I told them I was an atheist and furthermore I thought what their religious organization did with Prop 8 was so full of hate, they were actually at a loss for words. Then I told them I didn't have the time of day for them.

Keep up the good work!

Romius T. said...

I vote for Zorastrian for the drug monkey/and my fave part of the post was when you took to task the commentor for o my god. I was like omg rofl. Hazaa.

opit said...

It's the 'DoubleSpeak' that gulls the fools and infuriates thinkers.
It's a strange whirled where a fellow brought up as a Preacher's Kid can't stomach the Satanists flogging Hate under the banner of Love.
The R.C. comment was close to what I think : Emmanuel of Nazareth is an epic morality tale about how religion is twisted by 'the establishment' to murder those who actually take the precepts of moral thought to heart.
Not much has changed, has it ?
I can't even find the word Christ in the Bible : it's Greek ( literally ! ) to me.


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