Saturday, October 11, 2008


I'm so furious right now, I could scream.

Before I do. Let me direct your attention to a beautiful new post on
DearThyroid. Please click over and read this lovely dame's yarn and celebrate another cancer free anniversary (YAY). I'm so proud of her for sharing her story, I know it wasn't easy.

One last thing, breathe. I feel so guilty venting and ranting when there are much bigger issues in the world, and with people I care about. I realize stating this doesn't absolve me of my guilt. I wanted to acknowledge how frivolous this rant is going to be. You know it and I know it. Still. It's something I need to get off my chest, which is already grand enough (DDD).

There is someone in my life who urks me. No, that's a lie. He makes me crazy. No. That's not it either. He's more pleasant than a pap smear. Not as invasive as a colonoscopy. Definitely as irritating as an untreated yeast infection.

I have to deal with him. There are some people in your life, you don't have the luxury of not eliminating because if you do, you risk losing other people attached to them. I keep reminding myself, Katie, you don't have to sleep with him. You don't have to live with him. You don't see him every day. You don't even see him every week. You see him twice monthly, maybe. Man up, bitch. Grow a set and deal with him.

For whatever reason, today I can't deal with him. He skews needy. He talks. He says stupid things and sometimes I think he's a little retarded. Not severely, more like a twingey bit short-bus.

He's tolerant of other's choices to some degree, something I respect and appreciate. He has this strange set of ethics that I can't wrap my head around, though. He thinks people that choose divorce are funny and stupid. That bothers me. Yet, he supports gay marriage. I like that. He's cheap, not frugal, big difference. Loathe cheap. He's politically conservative, but makes no money. What is that about?! But, wait, he is voting for Obama/Biden, so there's that. He always has ear ghujshies and that FREAKS ME OUT. I want to buy the man a lifetime supply of Q-tips. He's hairy. Hey, I would be, too, if I didn't wax and shave.

We all know what I need to do, shut up, grow up and deal with it/him. I know. I agree. I just figured I'd vent a lil'.


Tanya Espanya said...

Vent it, baby, vent it.

(I keep seeing venti in a nice venti latte from Starbucks. I'm going to have a coffee for you, while I send you internetty smoochies.)

Anonymous said...

Oh, man. I used to work with a guy who always had ear goo. We called him crusty boy.

Blogs are made for venting, Katie! Fire away!

Unknown said...

Phew, I thought it was me at first.


Anonymous said...

Sounds like we share the same therapist.



Anonymous said...

Sounds like we share the same therapist.



Anonymous said...

Forget Osama/Biden.
Look what people think:

God blessed America.

DivaJood said...

Ear Goo vs. Toe Jam: hmmmm.

B Northcut said...


Anonymous said...

Sounds like you had one of those slaps-forehead-and-wipes-down-slowly moments of exasperation.

Take deep cleansing breaths and think happy thoughts... works for me.

okjimm said... irritating as an untreated yeast infection.....

gees, the whole paragraph really chuckled me up!

KELSO'S NUTS said...

I'm more comfortable with people who share my basic politics and while I'm opinionated as hell, I'm not partisan or ideological particularly. So, no one's politics unless they were a bigot would stop me from being his or her friend.

I'm pretty compulsive about cleaning my ears so I guess I wouldn't want to be around someone who wasn't.

The cheapness might be a problem for me, although in a group of friends situation if there's someone who's cheap and he or she can laugh at themselves about it, that's cool.

Generally speaking, I don't mind needy people if I think they'd be available for me when I was depressed. I have no problem telling a person to fuck the hell off if having been kind to him or her, he or she was not available to me when my turn comes around. And it comes around to EVERYBODY.

What I find curious about this story is that he could be in a situation to be attached to other people important to you. You're a very perceptive woman. I trust you that he's super-annoying. How did it come to pass that people you like have such a high view of this dildo that if given a must-choose they'd drop you and keep him?

No rant is frivolous. We're all human beings and there's a lot to learn from how everyone especially those you like process emotions. Just because there's genocide in Darfur doesn't mean the guy doesn't have an earwax problem, oiste?

Travelingman Rick said...

When ever my best friend Linda is having a tough time she likes to say "Time to put my big girl panties on" and I like to tell her to "Grow a pair and take it like a fag."

We always laugh over that. Ya just gotta laugh it off. The great news is that you will not have to spend eternity with him when your dead, till then just limit the time ya gotta be around him.

Love ya!

Sylvia said...

Oh! I have someone in my life like this - I simply can not justify it but he drives me so crazy I want to scream or hit him or both. He opens his mouth and stupid oozes out until my brain starts to bleed out of my ears. And I can't understand why my supposedly sane friends do not suffer from this, have not already smothered the offending person in his sleep.

I'm glad it's not just me.


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