Friday, September 19, 2008

Which One A Youse Lives in Omaha?!

Author of one of the most brilliant novels I have ever read, Three Fallen Women, Amy Guth, also one of my favorite people evah, is going to be at the Downtown Omaha Lit Fest this weekend. Read all about it here.

Throughout the weekend, there will be events, writerly panel discussions, readings and so much more.

Hit it, yo! Treat yourself to a weekend of literary loveliness. Please, how perfectly flawless. Run. Go. Now.


Joe said...

Sounds like good times, huh? I could get used to hanging out with all a you swell literary types.

Gail said...

Won't be in Omaha but I ADORE Amy and her novel IS brilliant.

Katie Schwartz said...

Hey Bubbsie, it does indeed. Ames is going to be doing a reading and speaking on so many panels. The curator of the Downtown Omaha Lit Fest is a DOLL! I wish I could go, I'd be there in a heartbeat.

You are a literary type, dearie, just sayin'.

Katie Schwartz said...

Hi Gail, I think so, too and I do, too!


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