Wednesday, September 17, 2008

More Brilliant PoliQs, I'm Kvelling!

What a grand blogging day today was, just like yesterday. I was introduced to 4 new bloggers who answered the PoliQs flawlessly.

My Saturday Evening Post is brilliance and sarcasm at it's finest. Pushing Fifty Gently's POV from Canada was awesome. I'd love to see more people in other countries participate in the PoliQ. I am so looking forward to getting to know her delicious bloggy blog. Thailand Girl addressed concerns about foreign affairs with a slew of quotables. Little Merry Sunshine dished up fierce facts and a fast talkin' (writing) personality. A blog of note that we all know and love is Bubbsie's, who tossed out so many pearls of wisdom, I'm still reeling.

Bubbsie is the author of Sprawling Ramshackle Compound and my good friend, a truly amazing mensch with a heart, and family spun of gold, answered from the exquisitely personal, to the brilliantly objective. Lots of important facts and links. Callbacks to the past and what middle class Americans once had and how that's literally become a thing of the past. Bubbsie, you're the shit. We love him hard! Loved this quote: "It's like I told a coworker the other day: if you're more outraged by flag lapel pins and YouTube clips of angry black preachers than you are by the fact it costs you $3,000 a year to drive to work now, and you can't retire because you can't pay for health insurance, then I guess McCain is your man. Go home, pour yourself a stiff drink and listen to God Bless the USA a few more times until you numb the pain." Make like a mouse and click now!

My Saturday Evening Post, PS: We started blogdating instantly. He's tits, yo. He dished about the restoration of our civil liberties. This quote killed "wacky 18th century hippies, Jefferson, Adams, Madison, Franklin". MSEP also wrote about ending our occupation of Iraq and Afghanistan, oodles of facts about tax and debt relief for Americans who need it the most. Our fiscal crisis and where we're heading if McCain/Palin win. What struck me the most was the messages we're sending by electing these two shmeggeggies into office, as well as the message Palin's nomination sends to women. Run. Read. Now.

Pushing Fifty Gently, Oh, I like this dame. We've just begun our blog courtship. Jaliya wrote from the Canadian perspective, loved this one. She boils it down from the outside looking in. One of my favorite quotes, "As a Canadian citizen, I can’t think of many things more important than to contribute to our American neighbours’ awareness of how the rest of the world is holding its collective breath for their election’s outcome. Hit it, loverdeedos.

ThailandGal, Yuppers, I'm diggin' ha. One of my favorite quotes was "I believe any country is only as civilized as the way it treats all its citizens." Have truer words been spoken?! Nah. Thailand Girl gave us an eyeful regarding foreign policy, education, health care and economic equality. Another quote that resonated was this one, the antithesis of the republican party "I haven't been that affected but that doesn't matter. If any of us are affected, all of us are affected." Click riiiiiiiiiiiight now.

Little Merry Sunshine, Merry Little Sunshine is a woman. One of the questions asked was if she had kids. Her answer: "None that I know of". Moxie and humor. Love ha. Biggest issues, the economy, health care and the war. Outstanding facts. Comprehensive comparagraph re: O/B and M/P. Oh, wait and this quote kicks ass "Not to be funny, but McCain/Palin believe government should be small enough to fit inside my uterus." Make your Merry way over, my dears.


Unknown said...

I hope are rooms in Guantanamo (this is awesome that Guantanamo is in the spellcheck) are nice KK.

I hear there are chocolates on the pillows. Wha...those aren't chocolates?!!


Katie Schwartz said...

You take issue with shit wrapped in a red ribbon? Shame, child.

Little Merry Sunshine said...


You absolutely win the award for the best comment ever on my blog! Thank you so much for your very kind words!

Of course, you started the whole political meme thing, so all the credit actually goes to YOU!

Your blog rocks. I will be back.

Little Merry Sunshine

Anonymous said...

Katie...thanks for the props girlfriend.
;^) I am honored and humbled by your generous words and linky love.

Unknown said...

Hell, I like German Shepherds chewing on my nuts as much as the next guy - but he probably already has electrodes attached anyway.


Alexa said...

WOW -- Katie, this is getting better by the minute. Can't ... stop ... reading ...

Thanks so much for your kind and sassy words -- and for all the conversation you are catalyzing! (Jeez -- biiig words for 3 A.M.!)

I've never been called a "dame" before -- I love it!

Anonymous said...

Hey pretty pink cunt, how are you today? I'm tired of campaigning but I wanna be president so what can I do?

Did you see the interview that British cunt had with me?

Gotta go now, have to kill something today.

Joe said...

Thanks for winding me up and getting me started Katie! Thanks for the link love, and thanks for turning me on to all these other characters...

Katie Schwartz said...

No, Little Miss Merry Sunshine. Your responses were amazing.

I want to try to keep this meeme going until election day, if possible. The more informed independents are and moderate republicans, the more likely we are to secure their votes.

Your blog rocks, too, and I will definitely be hitting it.

Katie Schwartz said...

Any time, Spartacus.

Katie Schwartz said...

JDC, speaking of nut chewing, have you seen Sons of Anarchy on FX? Catch this week's epy if you can.

Katie Schwartz said...

McCunt, have we reached the cunt calling stage in our relationship?!

I will check it out today!

Katie Schwartz said...

You are a dame indeed, Jalyia, a great dame.

Loved your poliQ meem.

Katie Schwartz said...

Bubbsie, please, I loved your answers and was thrilled you participated in the PoliQ meem. Your POV kicks ass.


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