Saturday, August 23, 2008

Q4U Fabulous Readers

Ahhhkay, here's the deal. I'm striving for change, so, you know, I'm changing everything in my life, as many things as possible, from the minutia to the extreme to achieve a greater good within myself. No, I'm not becoming creeparella-hemptress. Breathe. Come on now, it's me!

In the midst of all of this self imposed change, there's this one thing that I can't seem to part with: my altoids tin. I've used this tin as my wallet for years (Frannygirl's seen it and I think Bubbsie, too), I'm talking 10 years we've been together.

There is a lot of personal significance and meaning for me with this fuckin' tin (the shame... I know).

The a-tin represented a time in my life when I felt the most free, when things in my life were so close to exactly the way I wanted them to be. There was accelerated movement in all areas of my life. I find myself wondering many things at the mineee... Am I afraid if I let it go, I'm giving up the concept that possibilities and better times exist? If I don't let it go, will be holding myself back from all of this change?

So, dear readers, I want your opinions. What do you think should do? Spill.


Anonymous said...

Repurpose it. Use it for something else useful.

That way, it's twice the change!

Katie Schwartz said...

Virg, GREAT IDEA! Thanks.

Dale said...

You're curiously strong Katie but I'd keep it just in case.

Katie Schwartz said...


I can't seem to let it go. I dished with my sister about it today, too.

I even looked at new wallets, but every time I visualized putting my things inside, I couldn't breathe. I am such a freak o'nature.

Fran said...

I say you need to create a ritual in order to move it into its repurposed life.

Somehow I feel that you will benefit from transformation... let it go and bring something else in.

Change of the highest sort to follow.

But you have to have the right ritual or it will never feel right.

What can it be repurposed to? I am thinking...

Madam Z said...

Katie! Keep the tin! There's absolutely nothing wrong with continuing to use something that is familiar and comforting. You can have meaningful change, without "changing everything in (your) life," for goodness sake! You're not going to throw out your favorite pair of shoes, are you? Or your favorite vibrator? You're not going to abandon your family and get a new one, are you? Ah-ha! I didn't think so!

So keep your change (and your currency) in the Altoid tin. Stroke it and hold it against your cheek, if you feel like it. I still have a small piece of flint I found in the pasture of my Grandma's farm when I was nine years old. I hold it and think of the sweet times when Grandma and Grandpa and Mommy and Daddy were still living. It gives me comfort, when I reflect how everything else in my life has changed so dramatically.

One thing that won't change is my love and admiration for Ms. Katie Schwartz.

Cormac Brown said...

What should you do? Get David Sedaris's autograph...wait a minute, that's Dale.

I say put five to ten dollars in it and hide it someplace in the apartment where no one can find it. Seriously, that's what I do with old Altoids cans and come ultra-emergency time, I'll hunt one of the cans down.

It's time to move on and prosperity for you is just literally around the corner. Buy a nice wallet that has space for the moolah and credit cards you will have next year.

Freida Bee said...

You should make yourself a wallet out of duct tape. They're fab.

(btw- I like the idea of using the tin for something else if you're inclined, which it seems you are, since you wrote this.)

(I am excited. I finally joined the modern world and got a reader going a few months ago, but I couldn't add your blog after many tries, for some reason, but I just tried again and it worked. 'Cause I'm a lazy slut, it will get me here far more often. Maybe I should put Dear Thyroid in there too, huh?)

Joe said...


Seriously, it's important to hang on to some small items, reminders of other times. Pointless and random as they may be. Sure, maybe you could find a more efficient carrier for your little stuff, but would it have the character and soul and history of your tin? Life should not be all about constant change and movement forward to greater efficiency--we always have to have some tether, real or psychic or spiritual, to times and places past. Otherwise we risk becoming un-moored.

Personally, I loved that tin. I think my youngest commented on it as well.

DrugMonkey, Master of Pharmacy said...

Keep the tin. This is coming from someone who deliberately and gleefully poured gasoline on his life a few years ago and lit a match.

Every once in awhile I'll find something that didn't burn, and as happy as I am that my life caught fire, I'm always glad when I come across something that didn't turn to ashes.

You'll understand in a few years. Strike the match and keep the tin.

Katie Schwartz said...

I am so glad I posted this and so GRATEFUL to each of you for imparting your pearls. You've given me sooo much to think about.

What did Jewgirl learn:

1) sometimes holding onto something doesn't mean you're incapable of change. That reminder can be significant in helping you move your story forward and keep you grounded along the way.

2) having a ritual for the item, changing the identiy of it or using it for something else, recognizing the importance it has to me.

3) cause you know I love things in 3s, regardless of my decision, it will be the right one. For now, I'm sticking with the tin until it feels right to find a new home for it. I'm definitely never getting rid of it. I'm not ready to part with it as a wallet, not yet anyway.


Thank you a million times over, cookies.



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