Thursday, June 05, 2008

A Bit More Dish

  1. From Tiffalish of UnScene Chicago: "Show your opposition to this homophobic, bigoted, and mean-spirited bill to amend the Constitution" You need to read it and oppose it. To say it's offensive is a compliment. What year is it? Oh, right, 2008. In case you're worried about what God thinks, believe me, God created homosexuals and heterosexuals equally. It is about time America woman up and man up, and get with the God damned program.

  2. Astonishing Adventures Magazine is now officially in print and available on Amazon! Run. Read. Now. Mazel Tov, Lewch, Tim and Katherine. Excellent job, yo. This read is pulp heaven.

  3. When pitching yourself for a job raising someone else's children, you might not want to use an email address that reads: "leather" and "nanny" before @. Just a thought.

  4. Did you read about the Air force Chief that Resigned? "Gates said his decision was based mainly on the damning conclusions of an internal report on the mistaken shipment to Taiwan of four Air Force electrical fuses for ballistic missile warheads. And he linked the underlying causes of that slip-up to another startling incident: the flight last August of a B-52 bomber that was mistakenly armed with six nuclear-tipped cruise missiles." Um... Oops?!


Joe said...

First, thank you for that pinup. Hubba.

You know that last USAF screw up with the nukes that flew from Minot ND to Louisiana? Not only did they accidentally arm them, but they left them sitting on the tarmac unsecured for several hours upon arrival, and the news of this didn't get out for about 18 months afterward. Talk to anyone who spent enough time in the Navy or Air Force and they'll likely have some good close-call stories like these.

Writeprocrastinator said...

Is that a Vargas?

Yeah, the USAF, almost doing the t*rr*sts work for them. Shrub should force himself and Shotgun Boy to resign as well.


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