Saturday, May 10, 2008

The Inquistion: Meme Style

PaganSphinx tagged Bethy. Bethy tagged WP and Cormac tagged me. Is that rhymey?! Read their meems, they're great! I've also tagged a few peeps, too. I'm just sayin'.

Ten Year Ago what were you doing, Schwartzy?

I was in New York. Running almost 12 miles a day. Writing my heart out. Fucking my brains out and having a really fabulous time. I was also spending a lot of time with my family, my friends and my kid. He was six-months old.

Five Things on Today's "To Do" List

  1. Buy luggage. done

  2. Go to the mall with my sister for mother's day tchoch. done

  3. Hock my webmaster about posting my revised content for my webbysite. Hocking

  4. Transfer files to my Mac from my PC.

  5. Whole Foods Run.

  6. Post this meme.

  7. Run up to ma's.

  8. E-stalk Dr. P.

  9. Schedule a hair cut. CBB (can't be bothered)

  10. E-stalk honeygirl and quinny.

  11. Clean Fan

Man, I have a lot to do. I will get it all done, right?

If I were a Billionaire

  1. Financially provide for my family and friends for life.

  2. Hit every homeless organization and women's shelter I've been involved with in SF, LA and NYC and make sure that each person had enough money to live the life they've always wanted to live. Make sure that these organizations had the money and resources required to eliminate bureaucracy and provide educational and financial means for each resident.

  3. Financially invest in other organizations I'm passionate about and spend more time volunteering.

  4. Set up a private health care fund for men and women, either abandoned by their insurance companies or who can't afford insurance, to make sure they get the health care they need, worry free.

  5. Set up a private fund for women with any kind of thyroid disorder whatsoever and provide them with the financial and medical resources required, so they can regain their lives.

  6. Set up a fund for writers and artists to be able to write and create art full-time and get their careers going without having to work jobs.

  7. Write a lot

  8. Start a theatre company, etc. etc. etc.

  9. Get my Masters

  10. Buy my apartment in NYC

Three Bad Habits

  1. I bite my lower lip when I'm nervous

  2. Going to the mailbox and opening my mail-- Maybe I'll go once a week, maybe.

  3. Rubbing the palms of my hands when I'm uncomfortable or anxious

Five Places I've Lived

  1. New York

  2. Los Angeles

  3. San Francisco

  4. Chicago

  5. Durham & London, England

Only five?

Five Jobs I've Had

  1. Pizza maker

  2. Ice cream scooper

  3. Jewelry store stocker

  4. Assistant to an accountant, that job sucked ass, yo

  5. Florist's Assistant

I am tagging...



Anonymous said...

You have lived in some fab cities.

And I love your thoughts on being billionaire. Writers' Fund? Excellent!

Writeprocrastinator said...

Whoa, I always thought Louie was a West Coast dog, he certainly had the laid back attitude.

"I bite my lower lip when I'm nervous"

You and Anne, you know?

"Rubbing the palms of my hands when I'm uncomfortable or anxious"

Hopefully nobody thinks that you've gone movie villain.

So now you are a Mac-ista, eh? I thought that would have a seperate post on its own.

The masks in the Maidenform ad? I can see exactly when a certain copywriter discovered LSD in the fifties.

An excellent meem and cut down on the "mwa-ha-ha-ha-ha-as" when you rub your hands ; )

Joe said...

Busy day!

I love finding out stuff like this about the people whose words I read. I give you credit for having such a complete and thoughtful billionaire to do list. My "if I was a billionaire" list would be some fuzzy, ill-formed thing that would probably start with "throw a big party" and then "give some money to charity" with nothing else to fill in the blanks in between.

Eebie said...

Great stuff girl.

Still I wonder (or is it fantasize about) you running 12 miles/day with boobs the size of yours. That's a lot of ... well, ... damn!

I got the same meme from Bethy, check out my posts.

You're the best...H&K

Fran said...

I have done this, but I am a major sucker for you girl, so I will do it again, presuming anyone would want to know more about an attention whore like me!!!


Dr. Monkey Von Monkerstein said...

Dahhhhhhlink, I just did this meme-ish. Tag me for another at a later date and I shall be more than happy to serve you my tiny Jewess goddess.

Freida Bee said...

Your meme is served, Ms. Katie. Thanks and kisses, and the like.

BAC said...

Yikes ... I want your life. If mine sounds a lot like yours ... well ... just sayin ...


Unknown said...

Even though you didn't publically call me out, I laid down.

Just for you.

Anonymous said...

you lived in the windy city? me, too. when, where? i would go back there in a heartbeat if i could find a job. and wife wanted to go. and if there was less snow. and cold.

thanks for sharing and not tagging me.

Coaster Punchman said...

This one is fun. I think I'll do this one. Problem is, I start in on all sorts of very diarrhea whenever I do one of these things.


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