Thursday, May 01, 2008

Guess Who Popped her Interview Cherry

Shalom Beautiful babies. Guess what?! The gems at Farmhouse Magazine, one of my favey favealish reads online featuring fiction, non-fiction and poetry, alongside toe curling, subversive art, interviewed Schwartzy about my book, Emotionally Pantsed. Take a look. Ga'head.

PS: Website is officially going live this weekend. Ya's can take a look at it in beta.


Fran said...

OMFG. You rock my world harder than ever.

And talk about punim - I am so seriously loving you so hard right now.

And speaking of seriously, I must tell you that I admire the hell out of you for the way you have chosen - consciously chosen to live.

Maybe it did not start out as conscious choice, but wow - you live from the center of being who you are.

Which is never an easy thing to do and frankly the only way to go.

From what I understand - I am still "in training" on that one.

Cannot wait - CANNOT WAIT - for this book baby. Wow.

Anonymous said...

you rock, katie. especially the line feel a person out before giving them your personal info. or feel them up, as i say. capice?

good work, my dear.

Joe said...

You are fearless. I love that. Great interview.

Fran said...

Bubs is so right. Fearless - that is it.

Eebie said...

Excellent!!! What a great read!!!

You put your feelings out there without hesitation, without reserve, comical as you are yet at the same time poignant about life and attacking life as you see it. I loved it!!! You're beautiful!!!

I also added a whole new set of books to my reading list.

Ms Smack said...

You are so fantastic. You've always been wonderful, bright, strong and courageous even when times have been tough.

I adore you, sweet thing.

Congratulations. I'm ready to buy a copy of your first book!

Freida Bee said...

Oh, what a great interview. You are so beautiful and smart. I loved what you said about women being supportive of each other. I think it is the core of feminism for me. It has shown me how to allow men into my life in an emotionally safe way.

I really look forward to reading your book.

Madam Z said...

Katielicious! I've been away for a few days, and look what happened! What a terrific interview, both questions and, of course, your thoughtful and totally honest answers. I'm so happy for you and I can't wait to read your book.

Also, I second everything the previous seven commenters said.

Dale said...

I loved your interview Katie, can't wait to read more. Congratulations.


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