Friday, May 09, 2008

Change of Plans

  1. I'm having a love / hate relationship with the human race at the minute.

  2. Bad drama is unfestive.

  3. Miscommunication sucks ass, especially when you know you're right. Katie, you did not just say that. Oh, yes, I did.

  4. Creepy people are unfestive.

  5. Life through my youngest brother's eyes is refreshing and lovely and a reminder of how sacred and special growing up is. At 21, you realize your foundation isn't where you live, it's knowing that you're loved by your family and friends. Right?! Being 21 is a special and tumultuous time. I feel lucky to be there for him and listen, knowing he has to find his own way. Kid's amazing.

  6. The Pilcrow Lit Fest is in two weeks. What a fab time that will be. We're all going, yes? We've all donated a few duckets? Spill.

  7. I think I love the new vinty pocketbook I'm about to buy, not sure though. My sister says I should go for it. Thoughts?

  8. I think I'm bi-- I'm falling for MacBook pretty hard, yet I'm not ready to break up with PC. Oy, such a conuny.

  9. I have two new blog crushes, check it out, it's a hot mess of hilariousness. WP turned me onto the baroness's post about Juicy asses. So funny.

  10. I don't understand why women are so hot for Bret Michaels. What am I missing?

  11. I'm listening to Native New Yorker RIGHT NOW, by Odyssey. This song kicks mothah fuckin' ass.

  12. I shouldn't curse so much, which reminds me....

  13. ... I need to call my dad.

  14. Had fab e-dishes this week with SprawlingRamshacklee, Eebie, Bethy, Franny, Quinny, Guthy, Freidabeezy, Lewchie and Cormac Brownie.

  15. I worry too much.

  16. I have two meemers to do this weekend. I'm so excited. Love a good meemish.

Katie is now logging offline because Katie needs fresh air. More later.


Fran said...

Baby- you just take care of YOU. Any other motherfuckers get up in your face, turn them over to me.

I love so much of whatyou wrote though, what a neshema on you sister.


Ms Smack said...

You know, we're all busy people. I actually prefer the dot points. Gives me a sharp short shiny update without skipping the juice.


Cup said...

Buy the purse.

Unknown said...

"I worry too much."

You do.


Writeprocrastinator said...

"I'm having a love / hate relationship with the human race at the minute."

You're preaching to the choir. If I were a woman, I'd be named Miss Ann Thrope.

"Bad drama is unfestive."

Though it makes for good blogging.

I didn't know that computers determined whether someone switch-hits or not ; )

It's so nice that your brother still has a crush on life and hasn't been crushed by the world...yet.

I'm glad you dig the Baroness as much as I do.

A few of the girls I knew back in the day dug Brett from his Poison days, though I suspect being on TV or having a reality show, is the ultimate aphrodisiac. You have to wonder if those women are just as amourous when the repeats stop showing on VH-1.

"Native New Yorker?" Gaahh, bad disco flashback, bad!

"I worry too much."

That's what makes you, you.

Eebie said...

Thanks for mentioning the Baroness, an enjoyable read.

I posted...Bethy memed me. It's my first and it feels like a right of passage in the blogosphere, so I feel like grasshopper who took the stone from the master's hand.


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