Saturday, March 01, 2008

What's a Girl to do?!

We're so bullet pointing right now. It's my latest obsession yet again... And, wait, I'm in non-sequitur mode.

  1. I am OCD about looking for themes in my life, both positive and negative. Precipitated by my insatiable desire to unearth the origin of issues and answers to questions.
  2. I'm also a raging pain in my own ass and the ass of others. For such an ass driven bird, you'd think I'd love anal sex, but I don't. Go figure?!
  3. Have you noticed that as we get older, we have more days where we say, "Today was great, but," instead of "Today was great, period"?
  4. I need new bras and I am so not in the mood to go rack shopping.
  5. The hallways in the buildink I'm living in smell like mold. Creepy. Calling the slumlord on Monday to hock a chinek.
  6. I'm ovulating.
  7. Week was good, but...

I'm so dull today. Forgive me. Tomorrow, I'll post something dishylish.


Tanya Espanya said...

- Love bullet points! Love them!

- Lately I've been buying some Calvin Klein bras at Costco. My boobies changed since the baby.

- Every day we're alive should be great.

- If I don't take my meds I am bitchy and cranky. If I take my meds my main side effect is ass-f&cking night sweats that are gruesome and disgusting.

- I'm rude for using your comments to leave such long and boring comments.

- Sue me.

Eebie said...

Another great post about the life of my fav ... schwartzy. Don't critique you're work so harshly, you've got a fan base that loves you for you. So just you be you.

I just can't sign off without a bit of....

Writeprocrastinator said...

I don't think that you're boring...

...except for when you don't post.

Creepy said...

Despite your propensity for ass pain, I understand why you aren't into anal: Jewgals just don't do anal. I have a great joke about Jewgals eating bananas but it's a visual gag.

Anonymous said...

1) Bras shopping sucks
2) I love bullet points
3) It's a great way to organize my thoughts
4) When I use bullets at work,people are more inclined to read the info
5)Do you get the impression that the chicks in the background of the Pepsi ad are wagering if the dude in the white socks is gonna get laid?

Anonymous said...

"...hallways in the buildink I'm living in smell like mold..."


Careful girlfriend. Wear a surgical mask - backwards. Good surgical masks are designed to work in one direction - protecting the patient. Turn it around and you'll protect yourself.


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