Thursday, February 21, 2008

See that little handycon up there? Great. This lil baby appears below the word verification on blogger when you leave your comments. But, only if you have word verification in place. If you don't, no wheeliecon appears.

The other day, I clicked the seated ambisextrous stick figure on wheels because I was curious. I turned up the volume on my lappy as a just in case and I was super glad I did. Remember those mix tape days when you'd record song after song over one tape, and the tape got so old, it played three songs at once? It sounded like zzp-zzeeep-jshuup-zzp-zzzmmm. Yeah, that's the wheeliecon sound.

I'm trying to figure out how this benefits the blind. Blind people might want to comment, but can't. How the fuck do you plug in "zzp-zzeeep-jshuup-zzp-zzzmmm"?! I'm all twisted up about it. I think we should all eliminate word verification and kvetch to Google about it. This is what I feel. Are you with me?

Other dish... Guthyroo sent me a fabulous Katie Schwartz post that is just too fabulous. The Katie Schwartz who posted here is a lesbian and she's verbally kickin' the ass out of a fucktard REPUBEican. Love ha.

Shpritznagel sent the funniest funny or die video I've seen in aaaaages. In my next life, I'm coming back as an Asian queen in a skin tight, crushed velvet silver cat suit.

Diva FranIam sent out a missive for fundraising this week and I think we should all donate and help Kiara's family. They're trying to raise money for surgery that their health insurance will not cover. The bastahds-- I hate that shit. Read the yarn about Kiara on Franalish's bloggy.


Fran said...

Katie- you are a regular girl mensch- do you know that?!

Loving you sister.

Thanks for Kiara and her family.

Bookfraud said...

nice links, and yes, you are a mensch.

don't throw yourself off a bridge; it's messy and you will have the "why did i do this?" moment before hitting the water. sleeping pills or handguns work much better.

i thought your new site looks pretty sweet. a few revealing photos, and you're set.


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