Wednesday, February 27, 2008

My Vulva Lips are Twitching for Twitter

Guthyroo just hooked me up with Twitter and it is super festive. It's a one-line dream come true. I'm fittin'tah one-line myself into a twitting frenzy. Twitter me!

PS: I posted a picture of myself :)


Cup said...

You're even cuter than I imagined!

Dr. Monkey Von Monkerstein said...

You are quite the hottie my little latke. Blowing you a kiss my dear!

Anonymous said...

one has to sign up for twitter in order for it to work -- but if it sends your vulva lips aflutter, it's worth it.

love the pic. yes, much cuter than i had imagined, and i have a vivid imagination. too bad i'm married.

Anonymous said...

"...wondering if I was stuck in the middle of the ocean if I would truly drink my own urine...."

Jaysus, Katertot, you need me and you need me badly.
If you should find yourself stuck in the middle of the ocean without fresh water give yourself a salt water enema. The colon will absorb the required water and leave the salt behind. You'll have to do it a lot and it will leave you a tad 'crusty' but you will live long enough to die of starvation and/or paint a face on a volleyball.

Anonymous said...

"...My Vulva Lips are Twitching for Twitter.."

Is that what Bambi and Thumper mean by 'twitterpation'?

Amy Guth said...

And how, pray tell, does one give herself a saltwater enema in the middle of the ocean?

Eebie said...'re beautiful babe, I love the pick! (btw, nice chi-chis too!)

Tanya Espanya said...

Can you be any more beautiful and lush? I'm dying over here! I want to smother and crush you with my love even more!!!

Writeprocrastinator said...

Wooooo, I am crushin' on you!

Fran said...

In the words of another famous Jewess- "Hello gaw-juss!"

Shut the fuck up - I am actually now officially extra in love with you, only moments after I was speaking of my husband's meat bat too.


We will all soon be fighting over you. I don't want to hurt Tanya Espana, but I will if I am forced to.

Fran said...

I am officially twitterable as FranIam!


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