Saturday, January 05, 2008

Pilcrow Literary Festival Chicago

Major dish beautiful babies. Amy Guth is launching Chicago's first Literary Festival and it's called... Drum roll, please... Pilcrow. Is that tits or what? Oh, yeah it is!

If you're in Chicago from May 22nd-May 25th, come on ovah.

Check out Amy's post about the festival and how it came to be: IF THERE'S SOMETHING YOU'D LIKE TO TRY. Visit the Pilcrow website, to stay abreast of attendees, sponsors and events. Subscribe to Pilcrow's RSS feeds, too. Speaking of sponsors... Which one a'youse has chach and such, to donate? Come on, spill it.

Guess what?! Ready? I'm on the attendee list. I'm fuckin' plotzing. My first scheduled reading is at Guthy's The Fixx Reading Series on May 22nd with diva Jami Attenberg. We love'ha work. She's got moxie. All of this fabulousness is hosted by the delish dame Amy.

You must come! This event is going to be flawless squared. You know it and I know it.


Writeprocrastinator said...

Yes! Congratulations! Mazeliest of tovs!

EditorJDC said...

Yea! Yea!

You've been tagged by me for once.
My own personal meme - 5 things you regret and 5 things you don't


Joe said...


This is the best news of my new year Katie Baby!

Oh...this is too much!

Bacon Lady said...

AAHH! I'm SO there...with vagina-shaped bells on.

Anonymous said...

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Coaster Punchman said...

I had to convince several live bloggers that you actually exist! Now all the Chicagoites will probably go see you for themselves, can you stand it? Wish I could be there!

Anonymous said...

Can't wait to meet you in person!


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