Friday, January 11, 2008

The Many Vaginas of Coco

Coco's vagina for the blind.

Menstrual lips: when the twins get a reprieve for a job well done.

These lips were made for talking.

Fuck you, Revlon. I told you my lips were famous.

Coco's PETA lips.


My bloggyJewpal, Adylish scent me a fabulous, fuck-off link called Smell Me And. It's the perfect spokesvadge gig for the Cocster. In Vulva's own words: "Vulva original is not a perfume. It's a beguiling vaginal scent which is purely a substance for your smelling pleasure."

When Coco's cooch runs out of steam from being split to death, thank God she has Vulva to turn to. Such a shondj she isn't working for them.


WendyB said...

No one does cameltoe like Coco.

Anonymous said...

By the looks of her, I am sure she could bear strong sons!
Yins are all just jealous!

Anonymous said...

Don't you be knocking the phermones girlfriend, they are all that gets me trouser snake these days.

Bacon Lady said...

I don't think Ice-T even needs to ask if Coco wants some lovin'. Her vadge just crawls across the room and envelopes his cock like a big flappy mouth.

Anonymous said...

Jewgirl, you do a lippy retrospective like nobody's bidness!

The commentary is riotous. All my lips are smiling.

Adam Deutsch said...

I'm pretty sure they just bottle the scent while doing Coco's laundry.

Fran said...

Collagen injections?

Joe said...

All those pics have much to recommend them, but my favorite is that first one at the top of the post. They should almost hand out 3D glasses with these

Romius T. said...

ive totally seen her in real life, with the cube at my former job

Writeprocrastinator said...


I don't know if someone else has said this nor can I recall if I've said it before, but she has to be wearing the female equivalent of a codpiece...

...Perchance, a Coco-piece?

Unknown said... they do lower lip implants these days?

Anonymous said...

Coco's vagina for the blind.

I know I'm a week late, but...honey!


Ms Smack said...

oh FUNNY. For the blind HAHAHHA

:) I love you still.


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