Friday, September 28, 2007

The Dish (Update) Saturday September 29

The fabulous Crionaberry's LA Writers Group has a booth at this year's West Hollywood Book Fair. Be sure to stop by and show your support! It's this weekend. Below are the details. Run. Go. Now.
Before you solidify your fabulous weekend plans, make sure to schedule in an hour or so to stop by the West Hollywood Book Fair this Sunday, September 30th, and say hello to us! Admission is free, and we have our very own booth there! While you're there, ask us about our new one-day writing seminars, which we are announcing at the fair, and participate in the magical Exquisite Corpse writing exercise which we will later post on our Web site. Exquisite Corpse is an ongoing poem where each person writes two lines without seeing the preceding lines. We will also have a few groovy new T-shirts to purchase.
At the West Hollywood Book Fair, check out this seminar with Rye-Rye's wife, How to Make a Book a Success from 3:00-3:45pm with Betsy Amster, Barbara DeMarco-Barrett, Bella Stander. Moderator: Kim Dower from L.A. Literary & Media Services

The divine Miss MadameZ has written a post that you have GOT TO READ called 101 Things you Wanted to Know About Me. This broad's got moxie. Real moxie. Vintage moxie. Run. Read. Now.


Madam Z said...

Hey Katie,
I wish I still lived in L.A. If I did, I would SO go to the Book Fair. But being stuck on the wrong coast, all I can do is sigh, and thank you very much for your gorgeous LINK to my post.

Coaster Punchman said...

I love that park and miss it!!!

Eric Riback said...

So sweet of you to mention my better half.

As to MadameZ, the 101st was my favorite.

Beth said...

Did you hit the festival, Jewgirl? Were they all begging to publish you?


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