Thursday, June 07, 2007

p-cunt is out of the slam

Hilton released

Steve Whitmore, a spokesman for the LA County Sheriff's department, told reporters gathered outside the jail that Hilton was released due to an unspecified medical condition.

She cries all day, a source tells People magazine in its new issue. “She looks unwashed, she has no makeup and her hair is tangled. She cried audibly through the first two nights.”

"I am trying to be strong right now," Paris said of her jail time set to begin Tuesday.

"I'm really scared but I'm ready to face my sentence." "I did have a choice to go to a pay jail," said Hilton, without giving details. "But I declined because I feel like the media portrays me in a way that I'm not and that's why I wanted to go to county, to show that I can do it and I'm going to be treated like everyone else. I'm going to do the time, I'm going to do it the right way."

"I've received thousands of letters from around the world of support and it's really been inspirational and really helped me," she said. "I'm really scared but I'm ready to do this. And I hope that I'm an example to other young people."

"Even these past couple weeks, it's completely changed my life," she said. "Even though it's a scary thing I'm using it in a positive way and when I come out, I can't wait to start my new life and be even stronger than I am now."

this from the girl who hates jews, blacks, fats and poors. she's so genuine that p-cunt. question, she wanted to be treated like anyone else, right? would anyone else get to go home from camp prison for a medical condition? I guess being a stupid cunt IS a condition of sorts.

she is definitely a role model now... paris hilton is living proof that if you are rich and famous, you will receive special treatment. oh, and of course for being a giant spineless pussy.

ps: I just found this online from the la city attorney's office

"If law enforcement officials are to enjoy the respect of those we are charged with protecting, we cannot tolerate a two-tiered jail system where the rich and powerful receive special treatment," Delgadillo concluded. "We must ensure that in our city, in our nation, and under our Constitution, justice remains blind."

isn't that a vulva lip twitchable nugget of dish.


Anonymous said...

Paris and her lawyers believe she was unfairly targeted because she is famous. Then she gets extremely favorable treatment and nary a word from them 'bout that.

Let's look at some not rich nor famous members of the exclusive California penal system:

1. George Anderson. Was convicted of three counts of either burglary or attempted burglary in the eighties and 1990. Nine years later he was charged with filing a false DMV form and has received a sentence of 25 years to life.

2. Louis Ronald Frank was convicted of burglary in 1988 and again in 1990. In 1994 he was accused of receiving paraphernalia in jail and was given an additional sentence of 25 years to life.

3. Charles Wright was charged with five counts of burglary on the same date in 1991. So when he was charged with disregard for safety the five priors counted toward the three strikes and he was given a sentence of 25 years to life.

4. Richard Banales, like Charles Wright, had seven priors that all accrued on the same day in 1992. So when his third strike (either his second or his eighth depending on who's math you use) came about he was given 25 years to life for 3.00 worth of a controlled substance in prison

5. Mark Wilcox had two priors and was working in a forestry group for the prison. Following a family tragedy he managed to get drunk and wander away from the correctional facilities. He was apprehended 16 hours later. For this--you guessed it: 25 to life for a charge of walking away from correctional facilities while under the influence

6. Santos Reyes had two convictions in the 1980's for armed robbery and for burglary. Eleven years later he was sentenced to 26 years to life for lying on a driver's license application. Perhaps someone should check Paris' actual weight or hair color. Methinks she could get another conviction for lying on her driver's license.

you can find more of these stories here

I know that people want to blow the Paris story off because it is fluffy E! News tripe, but I am outraged. I hope the judge makes her do community service with some of these people who will rot in jail until they die for 3 buck worth of weed.

Writeprocrastinator said...

That's what I told the Missus this morning, this two-tiered crap is shocking. Let's the rest of us cry, try a hunger strike or have a non-debilitating disease, and see how far that gets us.

That's why they have an infirmary, doctors and headshrinks, so that everyone can't just coast out of there on fake maladies. I guess the saying is true, you can't be too rich or too thin.

Romius T. said...

did anyone see paris in her statement. Iwas so impressed i actually liked her. felft she wasa good person. wtf is wrong with me?

Tanya Espanya said...

One of my favourite (and spot on) gossip sites is Lainey's. Don't know if you alls know it? Anyhoodle, here's what she has to say:

Not lock tight, this is just what they’re buzzing about, a theory that has yet to be supported but is gaining momentum: that Paris had a severe, severe, severe herpes flare up brought on by stress, so bad it spread across her privates, burning to the point that she could not stand it, and went batshit crazy in her cell.

Evil Spock said...

Evil Spock honestly thought that they were going to follow through with this.

Evil Spock wishes Evil Spock was vacuous pretty skank.

Mike V. said...

I'm shocked none of the helicopters fucking crashed into each other trying to get shots of the little whore.

Cool blog, BTW.

Ms Smack said...

News hitting here that the Judge has ordered her back to jail.... anyone else would get a punishment for being such a twat in there.

I hope she gets a smack across the face while she's in there too. She needs to be humbled a bit, and brought down a peg or two. You want be real Paris? Get real.

Creepy said...

"I did have a choice to go to a pay jail, but I declined..."

Yeah, and I've got a 12 inch schlong.

I imagine most people serving jail sentences for the first time probably suffer from mental distress, but isn't that the point of it? After all, it is punishment. What does she expect, to stay at a Hilton?

Dale said...

P-Cunt? I need a t-shirt.

Joe said...

I bet anything that "undisclosed skin condition" was Paris' out of control herpes and god knows what else flaring out of control. That's why she never wears drawers, she's got to air it out.

At least she's locked up again. I wish I'd been there to see her cry.

BeckEye said...

I didn't know that constant crying could get you released from prison. Perhaps I've seen "The Shawshank Redemption" one too many times, but I've always imagined that all crying got you was Clancy Brown's nightstick up your ass and a trip to the infirmary, where you most likely die.

Joe said...

Katie, I just want to say thanks.

Under your gentle guidance and prodding, even though I still can't bring myself to say or type the "c" word, I have managed to work "twat" into a blog post.


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