Wednesday, May 30, 2007

wendy's manager shot over chili sauce

I feel guilty posting this actually because it's such a bubs post. really, bubs, you're the one who should be posting this, not me. so, I expect a cross-post. pushy enough?

in flaaahrida, an employee refused to hand over more chili sauce and was shot... with a gun. yeah. ohhhkay. the employee cited company policy was to only hand out two sauces per bowl of chili. let's visualize that conversation, shall we?

wackjob: can I please get a few extra hot sauces?
manager: sorry, no. we're only allowed to give two per bowl of chili.
wackjob: please??? I really need extra hot sauce.
manager: sorry, it's company policy. only two per bowl.

so he takes out a gun and shoots the kid. what the fuck is that about? I'm not advocating shooting someone by any means. it's such a trailereena move. but, if you're going to whack somebody over hot sauce, what kind of a fuckin moron doesn't want to go to the top of the food chain literally?!


Writeprocrastinator said...

He was just a nutjob looking for an excuse to hurt someone. We had a similar incident where the choice of victim was second to the opportunity. If not for the Wendy's manager, then the first person to tell him to the leave the restaurant.

EditorJDC said...

Every time they forget to put a straw in I think about pulling my gat - my rosco - my heater (I've been watching noir lately - sorry).


Mountjoy said...

Obviosuly he just came from renting Falling Down, and thought he was in McDonalds...

kim said...

My best friend in high school worked at McDonalds in 1984. One night, she was closing and a guy came through drive-thru and ordered a small coffee and asked for one chicken nugget for his dog. My friend was like, "What" and he said, "I want one chicken nugget for my dog." She said, "Sorry, you have to buy an order." He was all pissy at checkout but she thought that was the end of it.
Two minutes later he came in to the restaurant and threw his hot cup of coffee at her over the counter. People are freaks. She's okay. The man got away.

Bacon Lady said...

I like to use the chili sauce on their fries.

Ros said...

Supposedly he first asked for 10 more packets, and when the checkout chump handed those over he demanded a 'lot' more. Manager comes over and says no, bang, bang!

Now the real motivation comes in, the suspect was described as fleeing the scene with a female companion. Anything to impress a chick. 'Yeah baby, you see how I shot dat joint up? Got me my chili packets didn't I?'

Amy Guth said...

What? The? Fuck? Who does that? I wonder if the absurdity of it chili sauce dawned on either of them. Oy.

Joe said...

Yow. Chili sauce.


I'm going back down in my bunker now.


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