Sunday, May 06, 2007

keep your jesus off my penis!

rye rye over at earth observation has just posted the most fuck off fabulous, hilar squared video by eric schwartz called, keep your jesus off my penis. you have GOT TO SEE THIS. it is so smart and funny.

ps: another rye-rye post... christian??? it's a shocker!

and, on a serious note, rye-rye has posted about the afa (american family association), this is superty important. protecting freedom of speech, my ass, more like perpetuating hate crimes against gay, lesbian and transgendered men and women. article & video <- the day they kicked god out of school. seriously.


Tanya Espanya said...

But can someone put a penis on me?

FreakyNick said...

That video was out-of-this-world funny.

And yet, it has a important serious social message.

Tanya, I will!

Al Sensu said...

Move over, nick, we don't want to cross swords over Tanya.


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