Friday, April 27, 2007

thoughtless little pig

alec baldwin is cashing in on his quick wit and fast thinking by making his first pornographic film called, thoughtless little pig. divorced dads from all walks of life will be gang banging vivid porn stars depicting their ex-wives while berating their offspring.


not for nuthin', my parents went through a ba-rutal divorce. seriously vile on every single level, so I'm tossin' in my two cents.

the damage of what alec baldwin said ain't goin' away, we all know that, and how very wrong it was. it's simply unforgivable. however, I do think miss 9 1/2 weeks is exacerbating the situation. parent alienation absolutely exists and I think she's workin some serious slander mojo against mr. 30-cock. in my opinion, that is equally vile, equally damaging and equally unforgivable.

every body cum!


Writeprocrastinator said...

"The rich are different from you and me."

Absolutely, F.Scott. We have to take our lumps fair and square...while they get to do their damage control on virtually every news channel and outlet.

Alec: So you see, Dr. Phil, what I really meant to say was twig. Because I was actually trying to compliment her. Barring being a skeleton, you can never be too skinny in L.A.

Romius T. said...

i saw a cool doc on bukowski last night on showtime. he made one hell of a parent.

Joe said...

I've heard two very bitter divorced men say the same thing:

"Your wife is your wife as long as you're married, but an ex-wife is FOREVER..."

I can't imagine how bitter and horrid a divorce can get, going on for 5 years or more.

I also know I'm glad no one's ever recorded me in my angriest moments and broadcast my voice all over the world.

Dale said...

I think cum is definitely what's missing from this whole incident. More cum, less talking.

Amy Guth said...

I hadn't thought of her hand in things. You make a good point. I guess I have defaulted to feeling horrified on behalf of a girl facing such bullshit form her father. Man, especially for a girl, in such an iffy time in her life (oy, that age) to hear things that surely are going to stick in he head for a long while... oy, the whole thing is messy to me. But, like I said, you make a good point. Kim probably isnt protecting her daughter in the best possible way.

Eric Spitznagel said...

I don't know. Kim may not be nominated for a parenting award anytime soon, but Alec's rant was just bizarre and wrong on so many levels. He really has nobody to blame but himself for being such a rude, thoughtless little pig. Of course, if he's looking to do some damage control, it might help if he visited each and every person who listened to his message and straightened our asses out. That should do the trick.

Poor Alec. Nobody understands his pain.

Katie Schwartz said...

believe me, peeps, I'm not excusing what he did at all or justifying it. it's unforgivable and his daughter will never get past it, ever. but, she'll also never get past what her mother is doing. she's fucked up her daughter's relationship with men forever. it's all quite tragic and sad. the kid is the one who suffers the most in the end.

Al Sensu said...

I don't care what Kim has done, this is unexcusable.

Hey, many of us have "lost it" at times with our kids. Having kids can be frustrating. But they key is not totally losing it, not attacking them as he did, and not taking the frustrations he has with his ex out on the kid, even if the kid is siding with the ex.

This is where it is demonstrated whether a parent is an adult.

Anonymous said...

Alec, how's that working for you?

Katie Schwartz said...

ok, sweet meat, you are not hearing me at all! I am not excusing what he said or justifying it. the repercussions of trashing a parent to a child and forcing a child to take sides is equally damaging.

neither of them are acting in the kid's best interests and in my opinion that's horrific. they're so busy hating each other that they haven't for even one second considered their daughter's needs.
this kid is paying dearly for it and that is unforgivable.

Ms Smack said...

I was furious and sad when I heard the transcript. Thats what we heard, imagine what else he says and does?

She should be removed from both their care and put with family.

Can you imagine her thoughts? her lifestyle? The kids at school all looking at her?

This is why kids kill themselves - celebrity or not.


Mountjoy said...

Okay, so I am not going to win any hearts and minds here, but it is quite possible that the fruit ain't fallen far from the tree, and Missy Baldwin, not just pissed at having been given a ridiculous name, is also a precocious brat in the mould of her mother.

Was what AB said wrong. Yes. But we all do wrong things. What is worse, as far as I can see, is how a personal conversation, and a mis-step, go from a private phone to public domain. That can not have happened without either Missy or Ex's actions - and to go down that sort of road is a fairly major breach of trust and responsibility no one seems to be worried about... and for me, that sets the tennor of the relationship the three of them must have.


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