Saturday, April 07, 2007

happy easter

tomorrow is a big goy day! happy easter my non-jewish love muffins. after the lashings, running, stabbing and hanging jesus went through, oy, to schlep back three days later unscathed. you gotta give it up to the boy.

ps: he certainly does look provocative in a loin cloth.

all jokes aside, have a glorious easter! happy egg hunting and noshing.



Tanya Espanya said...

To celebrate the miracle that is Easter, Rowbear and I are going to the Keg for some steak, then he's off to the hockey game and I'm going to meet a friend at Starbucks.

Writeprocrastinator said...

Happy Easter!

Eric Riback said...

Best Easter dinner I ever had was in the midst of a long hospital stay 25 years ago and the family brought me leftovers. I was married into an Italian family, so you always got the typical American main dish at holidays PLUS the Italian stuff. So at Easter it was ham, but only after antipasto and pasta. At Thanksgiving it was turkey, but only after antipasto, pasta and meat from the ragu.

Joe said...

Thank you! I feel like such a peckerhead, I totally forgot all my Jewish friends at Passover this year.

Anyway, did we put on a good feedbag this year, and thank you again.


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