Tuesday, March 27, 2007

zealots, republicans and cramps, OH MY!

I've been catching up on my zealot christian reading of late, a super passion of mine as we all well know and I've noticed that when women talk about themselves, it feels like they're describing a used, yet reliable tractor. for some reason, this is of great concern to me. not because women have to be shiny and blingy like a new john deere. on the contrary.

I've never read a zcw (zealot christian woman's) blog expounding about her beauty, comfort with herelf, passion or sensuality. it's more like, well, a used yet reliable tractor. common words used to describe themselves are, submissive, hard working, modest, organized, thorough, systematic, practical and sensible. this is all well and good, but why not fly in a teaspoon of passion or a twist of oomph?! is that un-godly?

new topic.

I'm menstruating! I got my menses yesterday afternoon riback and romius. wait, did I post about my menses last month? I hope I didn't forget. could I really have been that distracted? or did I skip menstruation last month only to miscarry a child produced by god this month? hmmm... this is most curious.

new topic.

I got one of those will you vote for me calls this afternoon. she caught me mid-cramp, so I was vulnerable and irritated. she asked me how I felt about some local shmo running for some local seat. I asked what political party he belonged to. she said, he's an iranian republican. I see. so, is he trying to get himself deported? immigration isn't exactly a perk on the republican ballot, now is it? she said, he's not that kind of republican. oh, really?!?!?! I rattled off my list of reasons why I don't vote for republicans and her response was even more retarded. I'm his sister and I live in west hollywood. I also had an abortion when I was 18 and our mother died of alzheimer's. sweetie, I'm not looking to create the next great semi-colon 2-hour melodrama of 07' for lifetime television for women, I'm just lookin' for a half-a-vicodin to ease my cramps, a hotter heating pad and a liberal who will make me feel like I still live in a democracy. is that so much to ask?! she hung up on me.


Mountjoy said...

Why Katie, is it that time of the month AGAIN? Rolls around so quickly, etc, etc.

Funnily enough, I managed to tie Menses to Tipper Gore on my latest post over at RFYP:


It's like our cycles are in synch...

Anonymous said...

the nerve of some people. Really

Romius T. said...

I've posted a very meses post on self help just to remind you why you should enjoy the menses!

Abortion. Nuff said?

DrugMonkey, Master of Pharmacy said...

did someone say vicodin?


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