Wednesday, January 24, 2007

coco's vagina

I just need to understand why a cavernous taco is a perfect accessory. we're talking big pookie pain, so what's the scoop behind the scoop?! no accidental lip chick enjoys the ride, BELIEVE ME. is it a status thing? are tacos making a comeback?


Mountjoy said...

At what point did labial cleavage become a fashion statement that could be freely flaunted outside the privacy of one's own home?

Isn't such a grossly exaggerated display of, er, "meat curtains" better shared in the intimacy of a one-on-one encounter with someone who is going to pay said drapery the loving attention they probably deserve?

Keep your flaps in-doors, love.

Anonymous said...

Taco a Coco!

You get the prize tonight for making me laugh til I cried.

So funny and what a delight that must be to have your sole split in half.

Luv ya, KT!

Al Sensu said...

Driving into that thing is like entering the Lincoln Tunnel.

katie schwartz said...

meat curtains?!??! omg, mj. MEAT CURTAINS. I am fucking howling. oops, I peed a little. meat curtains?!!!? omg.

katie schwartz said...

oh, d-goddess, sole split in half? howling. my god, so funny! sole?!?!?! I LOVE THAT JOKE. hahahahhahaha.

you are the best, angel.


katie schwartz said...

al.... hahahahahhahah. too much! too fabulous. you could get lost for days in there! I don't even think a miners cap and a compass could save your ass.




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