Wednesday, January 31, 2007

change is good

I know. I changed the blog. what am I? 10. no.

I know we all have a love hate relationship with change.

am I rhymee? love a good non sequitur

anywho, it's still me, just darker. every girl needs a splash of color. right?

hate it?

love it?

don't really give a shit?


Tanya Espanya said...

Slurp, love the new you!

(I recently came over from Dale's, and I have to catch up by reading your archives, like I have no naps to take or pudding to eat?!)

Mountjoy said...

well it's more work friendly...
but it's just not you, babe.

Katie Schwartz is brash, loud, cross-the-line, buckle up and hold on for the ride.

sorry, but Monutjoy thought he'd blogged to IBM for a minute when he first arrived.

you want change? give yourself a dozen or so years and your baby making plumbing will be giving you all the change you can handle: hot flushes, mood swings, facial hair. now THAT's change!

katie schwartz said...

tanya espanya! ps: love your blog, and the name. mazel on the pregnancy. I found on you on potd's blog, too :)

katie schwartz said...

but, mj, I'm still a brash cunt. I just needed some change. though, I must say, your idea of change blows mine away and is far more humorous.

I can always switch back. I needed a new look. those stars were so damn busy, oy. all that pink, too.

ibm? well, I am a thinkpad ho.


Nicky said...

I like it. Simple, easy to read. My only complaint was that it took me 4 whole seconds to realize that the comments are now at the top of each post.

Amy Guth said...

Nicky, I did the same thing! I was reading the comments for the post below saying WTF? Anyway, change is good, dear Katie. I love your pink starts, but I love this, too.

Dale said...

I don't like comments at the top but so fucking what? You've still got the most Jewy goodness content of all my favourite blogs.

Mountjoy said...

I would like to go on record as saying that you can never have too much pink. Ever.

Ms Smack said...


AND there is a huge amount of templates, and code where the comments are at the top!

I've been contemplating a template change too. Good for the mind to re-arrange stuff every so often.

mmmuah darlin'

Writeprocrastinator said...

Dammit, Katie! If they can't marginalize minorities and they can't marginalize gays, who's left?

Honestly! Sheesh! They have to have somewhere and something to channel all of that hate and intolerance against.

Al Sensu said...

Readability of text and images having good "pop" are my top criteria for template design, and this passes on both accounts.


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