Saturday, December 02, 2006

calling all jewish bloggers!

<-- introducing the matzo men.

amy guth needs jew! chhhhanukah is around the corner.

36 Jewish bloggers wanted. silly, festive Chanukah fun. drive plenty of traffic to your blog during Chanukah.

isn't it positively the most! email amy for all the dish!

*gimmie a break. I just saw gidget AGAIN. fab distraction content*


Writeprocrastinator said...

What? This jpeg is obvious and nobody else came up with it?

Fine, here we go...

Matzo, matzo man
I've got to be, a matzo man...

Amy Guth said...

Thanks for pimpin' my project, dearie.

JML said...

i'm a jew. i've got a blog.

stop by sometime.

happy chanukkah


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