Sunday, December 10, 2006

blair family photos

like father like son. copping a feel, and so young. two christmas queens in a pod.

december 9th journal entry:: the busy guide's mom to bible study + early family CHRISTmas photos.

read it. it will affirm your love for blair.

tools for digging: write it down and walk it out. paralell translations. original languages.


Nicky said...

Ok, this is the best:

"Getting His Word into the hands of everyday people would make the most sense for why God would choose common Greek as the Good News language." (emphasis added by me to show what a dipshit she is.)

God chose the language? Really?? Does she believe God is really the "author" of the Bible? Wouldn't there have been some kind of better way to phrase this, even from a christian standpoint -- such as "make the most sense for why God would choose to inspire a Greek-speaking writer with His word?"

Also, second best ever is where she says "Greek-on-the-street." That's going to be my new phrase. As in, "Hey, Franciso -- Greek-on-the-street today is you got your ass handed to you on the squash court yesterday."

Dale said...

And what's wrong with a son getting a little kinesthetic with his dad? Oh the places you'll go with Blair leading the way. Someone hold me, I'm scared.

Writeprocrastinator said...


That boy is so, so, so, confused.

Hopefully he won't be cast out of the family when he gets older.


Heh-heh-heh (I don't LOL).

Dale said...

I usually haha or :-) but rarely LOL because everyone says it but they don't mean it.


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