Thursday, November 23, 2006

hip burqa barbie

that barbie sure pulls off the modern day muslim dame, doesn't she? again... could she be ANY WHITER?!


diane said...

ZOMG!! Katie, I have an entry in my old blog about Fulla. My best friend spent two years in Cairo teaching, and brough back a Burqa Barbie for her sister. We all wanted one!! And it's so funny, because we all referred to her as Burqa Barbie! I can't believe someone else knows who she is. :)

katie schwartz said...

di-di, you have to please, please, please send me the url to the fulla post. I would LOVE to read about the burqa barbie. how fabulous!

Writeprocrastinator said...

Happy Burqs-giving! May all women be dressed as beekeepers.

katie schwartz said...

it's hot, isn't it, wp? can you imagine if mrs. procrastinator showed up in your boudoir in a "beekeeper" ensemble?

you know you'd get wood. don't lie


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